2022 VW Taos lease


can you look at below dealer quote advise if this is good deal?

Seems like a lot to pay for a Taos to me. But getting a $2500 discount off MSRP is not something I’m seeing a lot of on any models in my area.

Make sure you drive one first. The one review I read, I believe it was Car and Driver, loved the FWD and hated the AWD model.

Hello - What is the Money Factor and the depreciation percentage presented from the dealer? I know this is a different kind of vehicle, but I am paying for a CX-9 carbon edition $380/mo, $1000 down for a $42K msrp vehicle. 36mo/10k a yr.

Is that the turbo or non turbo for that price?

Without knowing your location, I can’t comment on the estimated fees and non-taxable fees, but that seems like a solid discount off MSRP in this market. Are they offering you the buy rate money factor (.00075), or is it marked up?

Is ‘market value selling price’ the original MSRP for that build?

Not usually. Market value selling price is the dealers selling price. If it was MSRP, it would say it.

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Iknow buying and leasing are different.
dont know if this helps. I was offered out the door price in the high $24k’s = low $25K’s for the base TAOS.

A lot of TAOS were in stock the last couple of weeks (maybe big 1st shipments to dealers?)

That’s what I thought…just checking since it seems folks are transposing it as MSRP.

Seems like a lot of money for this. I was getting quoted Tiguans and Atlas Cross Sports in that ballpark with higher MSRPs

I would love to get Atlas in that ballpark

I leased an Atlas Cross Sport SEL 2.0T 4Motion back in early May for right under $400/month with 2k upfront. 39/10 lease structure.

Tiguan SEL Premiums were about $10 less. I think you might be able to finagle an Atlas CS S or SE in the low 300s easily.

The cheapest Cross Sport S I found in the south East is $375 with zero down 36/12k. Low 300’s with be hard to obtain without money down. Just my 2 cents.

they are all turbos for CX-9s

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