2022 Used RAM 2500 & 3500 Laramie 4x4 Crew Cab $750.00/Mo ZERO DOWN * WHILE SUPPLIES LAST*

12 Month Lease; 20K Miles/year
RAM 2500 Laramie: $750.00 (6.7 Cummins (I6)
RAM 3500 Laramie: $750.00 (6.7 Cummins (I6)

3-Month minimum term; opt out after 3 months without penalty.
No $$ Down, $0 Tax/Title/License, No Lease Termination Fee
First Payment Due at Signing
Many Colors Available
Email: NIE@Pritchards.com
Last Updated 3/18/2024

  • Category: Marketplace
  • Makes: RAM
  • States: Available in lower 48 States (Free Delivery within 250 Miles of ZIP 50428
  • Price: $750.00/mo
  • Vehicle Type: Pickup Truck
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Hi, unlimited mile lease is a new and intriguing concept. However, your website shows a flyer for 2023 1500 4x4 Laramies with pricing for leases with a 20k/yr limit at the same figure posted in this deal.

There is an option on your site for a 3000/m unlimited mileage rental for a 1500 4x4 big horn, but I want to make sure everyone gets this correct.

I see you guys are a division of an autogroup, so I just want to make sure this is accurate.

am I able to start a sketchy car shipping business with this deal?


Thanks for reaching out! When we did the flyers, we felt we had to put “something” so we put 20K miles, but the mileage is truly unlimited with the caveat that every 12K miles we’ll take the vehicle back and put you in another one.

The daily rental is a different animal and is a local offering only.


You can start any business you want in America I think… ? :slight_smile: :smiley:

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I see you also have a legal department. Noted. Thanks for the transparent answer!

This gives enterprise a run for their hotshot program if you had duallys

yes after the onlyfans didn’t work out (due to occupational hazard complaints) I’m trying to find another way to generate wealth in this great country

How many cars are you hauling with a 1500? :cowboy_hat_face:

He has 3500s……
You going to be his dispatcher :smile:

they have a 3500 available benny :pleading_face::kiss:

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I will only book non paying freight

Is this your company boss?


if i owned a company there would be WAY more violations on there

“cannot read or speak english” how did you know its me


It could be your driver, @drdvrgs


No habla ingles

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I didn’t know MBS spoke spanish

El dinero habla
Las mamadas caminan