2022 Tesla Model3 Lease with a residual buyout. $726 per month

Hi Everyone, Let me know your thoughts on this Model 3 lease ! It is currently available for lease anywhere in the nation. Shipping from Los Angeles.

Tier 1 750 score or higher required , 680 to 749 score add $40 to payment.

Non restricted lease buyout. You are allowed to buy this anytime during or at the end of the lease.

2022 Tesla Model 3 w/ Autopilot with only 885 miles on the odometer.

Examples below with $5000 due at signing , includes 1st payment and $895 bank Acq fee. Plus tax and registration fee. .00209 MF

36 Months $806 per month, residual of $23,202
42 Months $772 per month, residual of $20490
48 Months $726 per month, residual of $18,746
All leases ar 10,000 miles per year

Call me today at 949-544-1669 , Anthony@dsrleasing.com


Looks like the vehicle only has Autopilot. Full Self Driving would be listed where Autopilot is as “Full Self Driving Capability”.

All Model 3’s since Mid-2019 have the FSD Computer installed, but the software still needs to be unlocked.

Otherwise, seems like a pretty good deal considering you can own at the end of the lease, which Tesla themselves don’t allow.

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thank you just updated the listing.

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