2022 Subaru Legacy Premium $27,000 MSRP

Closed on this back in June and completely forgot to to post. This one of two deals closed in the last two months.

For the record, I never wanted to do a cash purchase of a Subaru, alas here we are in 2022. I’m praying to the leasing gods as I write…

MSRP: 27,004
Sale Price: $25,521 (VIP pricing)
Fees: $986.72
Sales Tax: $1,737.69
Total OTD: $28,245.41

The dealership was outstanding to work with and can’t recommend enough to anyone that’s looking for a Subaru.


Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your ride

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You can’t even get a base model Camry for that these days, let alone AWD. Well done!


Why not mention the dealer?

Congrats! I was going to order a Legacy Limited XT but they did away with Limited XT for 2023, so I ordered a Legacy Sport with the now standard 2.4T.

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What’s VIP pricing? How do I become a VIP?

Right Here

$100 - wait 6 months
$500 - Wait 1 day

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Please see above link for details. My company participated in the program which is how I got the discount

They’re not bad at all, I drove it up to Boston the week after purchase and it was seriously better than I expected, unfortunately I don’t daily drive it but the owner does seem to be very happy with the car.

The dealer is Ciocca Subaru in Ewing, NJ. They are a volume dealer between PA/NJ.

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Thank you! Side note, I sold my 2019 Camry to Carmax last week for a cool $10k after payoff. I thought the payoff was $17k and it ended up being $15k and carmax offered $25k. In and out with the bank draft in under an hour.

I will miss the days when I could get a well equipped Camry for $300/month with 0 DAS…

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Good deal. Even in California you can find a dealer that’ll do VIP pricing. Just have to hunt them. Mine is in transit and eta is mid August. I read somewhere they’ll only do invoice now. Don’t know if that’s true. My dealer still did 2% under invoice. Good safe car for my kid in college.

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Must have gotten in before the cut off because I was told by multiple dealers that '22 OB and Legacy have been closed since 7/1.

I also heard that NorCal District Sales Manager reiterated to dealers that they are contractually obligated with Subaru of America to honor VIP. The handful of dealerships I did speak to said they do honor VIP.

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Possible you can get a ‘22 Legacy that is incoming and they’ll honor VIP Pricing. They don’t sell as fast as their other models. Everyone wants a crossover/suv. Doubt only factory ordered can use VIP pricing.

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