2022 Nissan Leaf Price Drop & Current Regional Lease Deal (updated)

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@antasuncion I highly doubt a leaf will be worth that RV in 24 months. They will take a bath on that one.:shushing_face:

Their loss, our gain. Then again, the lease cash is only $3,125 when the fed tax credit is still $7,500 for the cars. With the price drop the actual numerical values are still around the same as the previous years.


Let the leafpalooza begin. Gentlemen start your crappy underpowered Nissan electric engines!!!


At these numbers it really doesn’t benefit you at all to take the 36 month lease and get the Charge Up incentive.


So Nissan is keeping the $7500 tax incentive for themselves ??

Probably… since we don’t see that $7500 incentives…

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This deal does not qualify for NJ rebate since lease is 1 year too short.

You could bump it up a year but running the numbers preliminarily it doesn’t appear to make a huge difference with the rebate, the payment would be almost the same at 36 months. That’s assuming that the 2022 qualifies for the rebate. It should, but it is not listed as eligible yet.

I would look at it as them passing on a portion of the credit as lease cash. In addition they are also grossly inflating the residual values, particularly at 24 months. They are paying for that somehow…


definitely watching this .

Good reason to take the 24m in general but also as a stopgap during the current inventory crisis. No Chargeup money to give back to the state if you exit early (You can buy it out with no sales tax if Carmaxvana offer enough).


Probably using it to inflate those unrealistic residual values.


Crazy thought, does it make sense to just buy one? After incentives (in particular in CA), this could be a sub-20K electric car. I think previously the mini was cheaper with rebate factored in… but the range is better on the Leaf. Thoughts?

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Please do not spend dollars to save pennies. Or in this case 28k to save 7.5k

I mean technically, if you go for a basic 2022 Leaf S 40kwh here in NJ, considering $28,350 MSRP, $7,500 Tax Credit, Nissan Offer of $3000 Cash Back (or 0% 72mo APR financing w/ $1000 cash back), and a $3725 NJ incentive, and 0% Sales Tax, that’s $21,625 OTD (before fees, reg, & tags), then a net $14,125 after considering the tax credit. If you can negotiate off MSRP then even cheaper, possibly even under 20k OTD before the tax credit.


Ya I’m kinda that mindset, obviously LHers always prefer leases but you always need a cheap car for around the city and this makes city. A leased car by itself is tough if you drive a lot.

I think realistically a Leaf S would be around 16-18K after rebates.

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Maybe significantly less on a leftover 2021?

I think the 2022 is worth more than the 21 since it includes a bunch of standard safety stuff

The only new standard features are the 120/240v EVSE and quick charging.

The additional safety features you may be thinking about is the SV Tech Pkg which is still an option on the SV (40kwh) but now included with the SV+ (62kwh)

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Interested in the nissan Ariya, which looks pretty good to me.