2022 Nissan Frontier S 4x4 Crew Cab $1500 DAS $265/month

I was shopping around for anything new and decided to take a shot at the frontier deals.

Ended up with the following numbers:

18 months | 10,000 miles

MSRP: 35255
Sale price: 35255
RV: 99%
MF: .00237

$1500 DAS

I thought the deal was pretty decent considering what I had seen on here; please correct me otherwise.

Unfortunately, I am not able to move forward with this as planned. If anyone would like to take over from here I’ll be happy to share all the necessary info. Shoot me a PM.

Unknown dealer fees and breakdown. But this number monthly should be at first month DAS, considering the program is the same now as when I got it in Jan. Run the calc. You are at 6270 total lease cost. This should be a ~5kish total in with some on LH getting it 4k-4.5k, but those are outliers from January.

Don’t know how tight the S crew availability, so you got to weight that as well.

Just saying there is likely more you can push for.

Yes, I agree I ran the numbers a few times and there’s definitely some discrepancy. The calculator was off by about $50 and I honestly didn’t bother to ask for a breakdown bc I didn’t mind the $1500 DAS.

Someone did reach out and I shared the deal so maybe they can close with better pricing.

I wanted to share bc at least there’s an option here for NJ guys since lately it’s been a bit of nightmare.

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