2022 Nissan Frontier 4x4 CrewCab $285 Effective 18/10k

This is quite the unique deal, but was very easy and a good deal at that. Got this for my brother in law, deal took about 5 min over the phone as it was an AD on the dealer website. Didnt even bother to get the MF, residual, sale price etc… as there was only one unit in stock and i knew it was a good deal… To not complicate the deal, he just put down 3k in order to adhere to the ad as it said so the dealer couldnt mess with it l. Probably could have been lower with one pay etc… But this is his first lease so didnt want to confuse him… Hopefully within 18 months things will get more back to normal in the car world when this lease expires

MSRP: $35250
Fees:$1500 (Tax, non tax,doc fee)

Payment: $180 includes tax
DAS: $1900

18 months/10k miles


Did he put 3000 down or 3000 at signing?

Or 3000 plus the 1900 at signing?

Apparently the bank didn’t allow to put that much down. So ended up with just 1900 due at signing which includes first month.

1900$ DAS
185$ month