2022 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Does Anybody know what would be a good lease deal on a 2022 Outlander PHEV? I see they have
$2000 factory rebate and Ally bank a $6557 cap cost reduction which I have no idea what that means. I am in South Dakota. Thank You.

A capital cost reduction is a down payment.

If you’re looking at an ad, chances are strong that the offer is garbage.

Thank you. Actually, the Ally Cap Cost reduction was on the Mitsubishi web site along with the factory rebate of 2K. I have had one dealer acknowledge it is true and the other tried to screw me over by not telling me about either of the programs. I am 57, have been doing leases for 32 years and its hard to get any truth these days. I want them to make money, I just want to be given what I am supposed to get :slight_smile:

No recent Mitsubishi deals to compare but get the residual and mf from edmunds and plug into calculator to see what’s possible. My local dealers are advertising $2k under msrp (likely the rebate), and the cap cost reduction is the Federal Tax credit being passed-on. I see 140-ish on the ground in the US.

You mean the one where they are asking for $4000 to bring that 40k car down to $269?

And this little tidbit
Excludes tax, license, title, registration, documentation fees, insurance and the like

So That’s really $6000 to bring a 40k down to $269.

So the leasing company “Ally” is passing on the Federal Tax Credit in a lease"? I thought you only got that if you actually were buying the vehicle but obviously I have lot’s to learn, thank you :slight_smile:

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They are claiming it as the owner and passing it on as an incentive

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Thanks, I appreciate your knowledge. Its funny how the dealer said nothing about it, I guess that was going to go in their pocket ?

Why should the dealer tell you about it? They like money :slight_smile:
Also lots of people feel good about negotiation when the dealer … gives in… and gives the rebate. Which you would’ve got already.

LOL Indeed. They think people are so dumb. I am on to dealer #2 who acknowledged the rebate and the cap reduction, just waiting on some numbers from them. I guess it should start out being over 6K less due to the cap reduction Ally is passing on which will make a difference in the payment.

Definitely post your deal here before signing. I have leased for decades also but until i came here i was like most lessees- fleeced

How many Mitsubishi dealerships are there near you?

They are all roughly 250 miles away. I got a final Lease offer of $319/ 12,000 miles per year, 36 month lease.

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Did you know that 2010-2019 was a booming decade for the industry but Mitsubishi USA saw almost half its dealers close their stores?

Is that the kind of dealership ‘network’ you want to depend on for warranties and repairs?

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I did not know that, now I am freaking out…I have not signed any paperwork, just a credit check they ran. Locally we have a Honda, Toyota, Nissan Dealer but they won’t step up on my 2018 CRV, like a 4k difference between their offer and every other place I check into. I am not sure what I am going to do. I think there is a small window of opportunity to get maximum profit off of my leased Cr-V and let my wife step into a newer vehicle with a lower payment. Any suggestions I am all ears !! Thank you

Way too much going on here… when does the CRV lease end and what is the current payoff?

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Lease ends March 1st, Payoff is $19,150

How much due at signing?

And also need to ask if you realize the 2022 PHEV is still the crappy old model, not the same as the redesigned gas 2022 that’s based off the Rogue.

You don’t need to trade car into the dealer you plan to buy car from. You might make out better separating the transactions

Step 1 should be calling the lessor on Monday to see if you can extend.

Don’t put down all your equity just to get into a worse vehicle under the mirage of a “lower payment”