2022 Mini Cooper JCW Countryman - good deal?

I’m considering a custom ordered JCW Countryman and would love your feedback on whether or not it is a decent deal. Since it is not on the lot and being built, I know I have little negotiating room on the price, or is that not the case?

2022 JCW Countryman
MSRP of 51000
Cap Cost of 48760
MF of .00100; RV of 59%.
9.5 % sales tax in Los Angeles, CA

When I plug in the numbers in the Leasehacker calculator I get:
$654 monthly payment (Depreciation of $519; Rent of $79; Tax of $57)
$1667 drive off (first payment, $925 acquisition fee; $88 in upfront taxes)
$24,565 total cost of lease

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

You’re planning to ask for 4-5% off MSRP?

Also, RV/MF from edmunds?

The cap cost is from the dealer and the MF and RV are from the dealer but also from Edmunds.

Almost $700/mo for a countryman? What a world

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Dont do this. Times are definitely tough on the leasing front, but this is a contract that that would seem financially regrettable after the novelty of the car wears off.

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The joke is the MSRP
Payment is the punchline.


I’m going to be the minority but this was one of the funnest cars I owned. That being said it was same msrp and my payment was $289 a month.

I would hunt for an on lot closer to spec and shoot for a bigger discount. In some regions these cars don’t move and you can do better.

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OP - this here :slight_smile:

JCW’s are a blast though sometimes don’t move off lots quickly. Otherwise, it’s pay to play but $600+ is steep. And if you have PenFed, that can help some ($500?).

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For a short while I had a Ford Fiesta ST and it fell into the same category. That thing was just a blast to drive as it literally felt like a big go cart. Similarly to your mini, my payment was rather inexpensive at like 220. But… That was a leasing lifetime ago…it was August 2020!

Yea I was looking at the focus RS or ST I have seen a few around and they look fun. If I didn’t just place an order for the Camaro replacement I would get one.

Did you make a downpayment to get such a low monthly payment?

Did you make a downpayment to get the low $289 monthly payment?

I believe that lease was before the pandemic when the leasing landscape was rather different. In other words, the good ole days.

Sorry yes this was pre pandemic and dealers were begging people to take Minis.

This monthly is insane, no mini has a $650/month driving experience