2022 Mercedes Sprinter Cargo

Hi folks.

In the market for a new sprinter cargo van to lease through my business for my business. I guess somewhat unsurprisingly, given it’s a bit of a niche market, edmunds does not have any information at all regarding lease terms MF/res etc.

Is anyone able to help with that info? Any suggestions on where I could find it?

Have you considered the Ford E-Transit? Probably a much better alternative lease-wise.

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I’ll check that out. Thanks. Last I looked those were not actually available yet.

Assume they’d probably qualify for that $7500 EV credit eh?

At least in my region, Rodo has a few listings for Sprinter van and if you know how to click around you can extract the RV and MF.


Mercedes-Benz Financial Services
Money Factor 0.001850
Residual $21,736 on MSRP $46,246 (47%)

The Ram ProMaster Cargo is even more expensive…


Good luck finding one! From what I have heard and read, all incoming are customer orders.

Aside from that, I have been seeing available stock 30-45k over MSRP (for purchase).

Amazon bought all of them and once in stock have 5-10k mark up

For a VAN?

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People buying them up for overlanding/camp conversions heh

The Sprinters are really horrible fleet vehicles. Maintenance costs will run you at least double compared to one of the other OE’s. I would look at the Ford 350 cargo van.

Also, and I am sure you know this by now, the market for commercial vehicles is just as bad if not worse than retail. I order vehicles for a living :sweat_smile: Overall, depending on type, I am at 10% - 25% allotment from the OE’s this year.

Good luck on your search.

I’m the GM of a bus dealership. You’re going to have a hard time getting a commercial van of any brand. Our bus manufacturers (multiple brands) can not get allocated units (Ram, Ford, Mercedes, GM) to build any vehicles. Lead times are out 15-20 months.

We had a customer cancel a PO for 260 units this week due to already waiting 6 months and projecting an additional 18 month lead time.

Wellllllll….this thread has taken a turn for the depressing. I didn’t know inventory was that bad.

Based on this information I’d take anything I can get. We just need a high roof cargo van. Lease or finance.

If anyone has anything or any angle on this- hit me up. I’m ready to acquire immediately and will pay shipping as needed from any region.

Thanks all for the info and feedback.

Your best bet for sprinters is to talk directly to your local dealer(s) and ask what units they have available that are inbound. If you see it on a dealer website already it is almost always a spoken for unit that is finally shipping to the dealer. If you see pics of a real van it’s going to almost always have a large markup.
For in stock and immediate delivery I think paying $4-10k over MSRP is the norm. The lease rates are terrible, I’d look at financing it as used sprinters tend to hold value well. Mercedes-Benz financial services does offer financing (most banks and credit unions wont offer financing on anything butt a passenger van, not a cargo van) at higher rates than usual but not insane (around 4.9% depending on the term)

We ordered a 4x4 diesel passenger sprinter 5 mos ago. No idea when it is coming. In talking to the dealers, it seems they build them in groupings based on configuration. So they’ll do a batch of high-roof long-wheelbase RWD cargo, batch of 4x4 short wheelbase passenger, etc. I made sure who we ordered through did not have a line of 4x4 passenger in front of us (we were 2nd in line at that dealership).

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