2022 Mercedes EQS- <450/month (UPDATE: Dealer did OH taxes wrong updated payment: $386.25)

No swap with MB

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Oh they stopped during the pandemic?

Pretty sure that’s when it happened

can you post deal sheet


Yea I would love to! Don’t have a contract now… so far I have learned not to ever buy from said dealership ever again.

I would say this has been the worst car-buying experience we have ever had :smile:


I wish… Risk & Compliance Director

:melting_face: :skull:

Maybe they’ll make another mistake and price will drop!

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Other than over charging for taxes did something else go wrong? Tax should be an easy fix.

Yea, they messed up the title & registration. With it being an Out of State purchase, I can’t just get an OH temp tag (MI tag expired 5 days after buying it). Missing some of the stuff the car was supposed to have… floor mats, charger, wheel locks, wrong wheels (rim & tire)??.. idk just some weird stuff. At least I have the car.

Oh, and no one at the dealership likes to return calls or emails… seems to be a big theme of the dealership since most of their reviews state the same thing… Not the normal MB experience I have had in the past. I do not really care about the wheel locks or rim, but the floor mats and charger? Bare minimum guys. The sticker shows an All Season w/20-inch rim, and I have summers with a 21-inch rim. No big deal, but I gotta buy All Season tires now since Summers will not do very well in OH.

Again, very happy with the car. I did not want the red carpet from the dealer, I just did not expect the “enter through the back door” experience. (I don’t know if I can fault them because they were losing their :peach: on this car.)

Does your window sticker show the charger?

Although you have to buy all season tires, it sounds like you got upgraded wheels. Isn’t that a good trade off?

But won’t you be dinged when the car is returned with the wrong wheels per sticker? And or missing things like floor mats ?

Supper curious on what dealer this is - my family had worked with a handful of metro Detroit MB dealers and it can be a cluster with them.

Yep :roll_eyes:


I had an experience similar with Honda back in the day. A porter curbed the wheel on a family member’s brand-new Accord, and the dealership just swapped the wheels… Wrote it out and signed it and made note of it for the lease turn-in. When the family member turned it in, it was in their system and it was no big deal. (They also never even noticed the different wheels, who keeps the sticker, and what salesperson pays that much attention to their job?)

Trust me they look at everything when we are talking about a $100k Mercedes and the car is worth way less than the residual value

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Unless you lease another one from them…

That’s my plan. Hopefully an AMG with a sweet lease in two years. Maybe even get them to ignore the mileage overage.