2022 Lexus IS500 (the V8 is back!)

I can’t wait for this one. I loved the RC-F.


Even though they are just recycling old tech, I’m glad they are at least adding more performance-oriented trims/models to their line-up. Hopefully they continue to make improvements in this segment.


Pretty cool car, but Lexus completely phoned this in. Both the platform and powertrain are hilariously outdated.

This thing is over half a second slower to 60 than a M340i.

What this car should have the V6TT from the LS with an AWD option.

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Man, that rear diffuser area looks cheap as hell. Lexus really did give up on this car. I couldn’t even tell you what Lexus is good at anymore. Which is sad, Lexus and Infiniti both going down the drain.

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Right car for the right person… high-revving NA V8


I do love a good V8 but this car will get destroyed by an M340 or even an S4 - and this IS500 will probably be $70k

People are never satisfied.

MB announces all new C-Class with only i4, internet cries for bigger engines.

Lexus announces new IS500 with V8, internet cries for smaller engines.


I want a full blown F with 600+ hp

I currently have an M340i and yes, it would blow this out of the water. However, there was something about the V8 in the RC-F that was just super fun. These are supposed to start at $56k which I think is a steal.


We would all love that, but would anyone buy it?

This is true. The main issue is the V8 is older and less power efficient as new smaller FI motors. Now, if they threw the Chevy LT1 V8 in this thing, no one would cry for a TT I6 :slight_smile:


They are working on a twin turbo version of this V8. That is going to be insane.

After all the crap I gave BMW for the new M3/4 grill, that car is looking better and better each day.

Mercedes is going all 4cyl and Lexus is too busy selling us decade old technology

Lexus design still looks boring, IMO.

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after checking in my couch cushions, unfortunately I could not scrounge up enough pennies to buy one.

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$399/m, not a penny more


Unless it’s under the hood of a future Lexus EV SUV, I don’t think there’s any chance Lexus would give us that.

It’s not the engine that’s the problem here.

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I have an M340i and I’m extremely excited about this IS500.

In a world where manufacturers are touting spreadsheet numbers, we’re losing what actually makes cars enjoyable. Automakers are in a race for performance at the EXPENSE of fun. Actual driver engagement and feel take a back seat to making sure you’re able to hit a specific number.

And it shows in simply reading the comments here that many are drinking that koolaid. Everyone’s talking about how their M340i will smoke it… sure… but I bet listening to that naturally aspirated V8 sing while building revs in a linear and satisfying power band will be a lot more fun. Lexus, when they want to, are able to make an extremely engaging and fun to drive car (see: GS-F) and proves you don’t need to hit a spreadsheet figure to have fun. So here’s to hoping they apply some of that sauce to the IS500 beyond just the motor.

The interesting thing to note is how adamant Lexus is to label this an “IS500 F sport performance” instead of an IS-F. I think they learned their lesson with the GS-F which was marketed poorly, and as a result EVERYONE compared it to the M5/C63 which it obviously could not compete with. So even though the GS-F was an absolutely fantastic car, it was a commercial failure.

With this Lexus is trying to ensure that people understand this compares with the M340i and C43, and not the M3/C63.


Spot on my friend; this is how I feel about EVs. Yes a Model 3 can smoke my Camaro, or just about any sports/muscle car, but do I want that experience? Not for me. The engine sound, feel, and shifting my own gears is what does it for me.

I do applaud Lexus for at least trying by putting in the V8, it just seems they not trying hard enough to build a complete product or identity for their brand. Again, what does Lexus do better than others?