2022 lease, want 2023 Acura TLX a-spec , help!

Hi everyone!

I need some help as I’m horrible with car deals and don’t want to get taken advantage of!

Currently have 2022 Honda accord sport with 9,800 miles

Looking to get an Acura TLX a-spec 2023 (or 2024 if it comes out by the time I go to the dealership) leased as well.

I’m in New York City .

Can I turn my Honda lease in for the Acura? Would it be considered a down payment? Would that be a smart choice?

Or should I just return the lease to Honda and start from zero with Acura.

Are dealerships still doing no money down rolled onto the monthly payments or that’s not a thing anymore ?

Help!! I don’t have a male figure in my life to ask or help me out with this !!

To be honest, this all sounds like a terrible idea. What’s stopping you from finishing your current Accord lease?


send us a text at 732-779-2587. we’re in the tristate and happy to help on an acura

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First things first you need to know what your accord is worth.


In addition to what the other posters have written… I’m not sure what you mean but “turn in” or “just return.” The remaining payments need to be made, regardless of whether they are made by you or by the entity the purchases the car (which is why you need to have a sense of how much your Accord is worth right now).

First of all, you don’t need a male figure in your life. Guys overpay for cars just as much as women. Most Acura dealerships also own Honda dealerships, so they will be able to buy out your lease. I don’t know what you put down or what you rolled up into your payments, but either way, everything can be rolled up into a new lease contract. Personally, if I was negative on the current lease, and I really wanted another car, I would just pay off the negative equity up front. You’re lucky that you live in the tri state area because you have access to the best brokers who will save you a ton of money.