2022 leaf sv 0 das $229 tax included

This is in socal. It’s a 2022 leaf SV l. 24 months, 10K, 0 das $229 (7.75% tax included)

What do you think ? Will be signing in couple of hours


Take it and run!


You should share which dealer this is so I can fly to California and get one for myself, in this market that’s an incredible deal


Look at that residual! Yeah sign before November 2nd otherwise CCFR gets cut in half to 750.

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No trade in involved?


Big question. Or sales manager black mail, etc.


No trade involved

Electrified pliers than?

Take it! My 2021 base S modal is closed to your number!

Can you ask them if they have another for me?? :slight_smile:

So the 1,500 rebate is CCFR… ie NMAC doesn’t pass on any of the EV tax credit?

From the calculator, it doesn’t look like it but the residual is very generous even for a two year lease, I vaguely remember 3 year lease residual was close or less than 50% in older models.

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Outside of the RV subvention as @sharksfan15 mentioned, NNA suspended all of the customer cash and lease cash due to the current supply constraints. Pretty wild to see LEAFs being offered at MSRP and no customer cash, but that’s where we are now.


Can you share your dealer? Assuming it’s Tustin or Newport given the tax rate

Tax rate based on buyers address not dealers. Could be an LA dealer or San Diego for that matter.

@all thank you for your comments. Just a correction from the calc I had posted earlier, there is a 1% or so discount on the car. the dealer had a $3000 Nissan rebate that they applied to this deal! nothing else changed. Residual was 78%, 0 DAS (just paid $226 first month) 24 months 10K. For those who are asking about getting another deal like this, I was told the deal cannot be replicated. Since I was in no rush, I had asked a friend of mine who works for one of the dealers to keep an eye out about 4 months ago. This just came up last week and I jumped on it. Thanks again

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