2022 Kia Stinger GT2 AWD

For those who are looking, I was quoted this at a SE PA dealer for '22 Stinger GT2 in white

MSRP 55,300
with lease cash ($3,600) 51,700
Gov/Doc fee 500
10,000 mile/36 months
Money factor for “top tier credit” .0016
55% residual

$0 down - $834 per month
$1000 down - $804
$2000 down - $773

Dealer would not do any pre-incentive cap cost reduction

Looks like they marked up the money factor (Edmunds shows .00117) but that’s only a small shave off of the monthly.

What’s the purchase incentive, if any?

Dealer stated current rebate was $3,600. I guess no incentive offered aside from that rebate

I know it’s a stinger but you can get many sweeter rides for $800+ a month. I couldn’t fathom paying $800+ for a kia.


Agreed, thought maybe they were going to say something around $680 which is still way too much.

This is why genesis gonna remain unknown to the mass. When ur asking such atrociousl prices you’re not gonna compete with entry level Germans which are on much better lease programs

The Stinger isn’t a Genesis product.

True. But I mean the same for stinger/genesis
Neithe car can put out any program to make it attractive to lease instead of a 3 series for example

There have, on occasion, been not bad lease options on the G70, but yes, they push purchasing a lot more than leasing.

The Stinger’s a Kia product, so not Hyundai or Genesis itself. Kia actually has some decent incentives / residuals in its Stinger lease programs right now, but not enough to counter an MSRP that high and dealers that don’t want to discount. FWIW, there are a couple of lower trim levels of the Stinger that lease more attractively, but if you want the turbo-6 powertrain along with all the tech features then you land on the pricey GT2.

The Stinger will be discontinued soon, so I suspect KIA would rather push purchase incentives over leasing incentives. They don’t want these back in 3 years.

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Terrible deal. This shouldn’t be more than $600 with 0 down.

Based on what math? Or is this just arbitrary?

Can you give examples of any 55k cars leasing for $600/month right now (other than the mighty 4xe)?

hah i got an even worse offer. when i told them that’s way too much money for a 50k car, they said perhaps you cannot afford such a vehicle, here are other options that may suit your budget more…

Gotta love Kia dealers!

My Audi A5 Sportback Premium Plus, which has an MSRP of $52000, I ended up leasing for $500/mo (including tax). Zero down.

Granted, it was a test car for buyers and had 100 miles on it, but I ended up getting it out the door during the start of the pandemic at $38k. Now dealers don’t have quite as much inventory and aren’t dumping, but still, $834/mo is nuts.

GT2s used to have similar deals. You’d see the MSRP of about $52k, but many buyers here walked out with a GT2 around $38-$45k.

Also an Audi S4 I had quoted two years ago, was $650/mo, $1000 down. (Alright, it was a pre-refresh model they were dumping, but still, an S4!)

If you’re comfortable paying $834/mo, maybe consider something even nicer? You could get an Audi A7 for that kind of money…

Here’s some ideas (they’re one of the brokers here, to give you a point of reference for today’s market): LeaseCompanionDealListings - Google Sheets

When did you lease your A5? A GT2 is significantly better equipped than the A5.

For comparison sakes, if we look at the deal leasecompanion is offering on their A5 sportback and bump the MSRP to $52k (maintaining pre-incentive discount percentage, applying 10% tax which is appropriate for much of PA, removing MSDs so we’re talking the same cash flow as the Kia, and adding the $500 broker fee to the selling price), the monthly payment here would be about $845/mo.

Now, one could debate if a stinger gt2 or a PP+ A5 is a better vehicle, but the idea that you’re going to get into the A5 for much cheaper isn’t supported by your evidence, much less one that’s comparably equipped.

Also, please link that $834/mo A7 you’re talking about.