2022 Kia Forte GT Line - Calculator Help


Hi, can someone please help me with the lease calculator? I’m looking to lease a 2022 Kia Forte GT-Line and the dealership quoted me my monthly payment with taxes and fees being between $258.17 per month. However, when I input all the numbers in the lease hackr calculator, I come up with a payment of $205/month which includes all the taxes and fees. That’s a $53.17 per month discrepancy between what the dealership quoted me and what lease hackr calculator is suggesting. Here are the numbers below if someone can be so kind as to help a newbie fella out. 2022 Kia Forte GT-Line Residual Value (RV): 64%.
Money Factor: .00217 (I was approved for tier 1 credit through Kia Motor Finance)

MSRP: $22,640

Kia Lease Cash: $250

Down payment: $4,000 with total due at signing $5,473 (as I am paying acquisition fee, documentation fee, CVR, title, plate, registration, taxes, and first month)


Acquisition fee: $650

Documentation fee: $230

CVR fee: $24

Title, Plate transfer, Registration fee: $30

Zip code: 48310

Here is how the dealership has the numbers broken down to how they got $258.17 per month

-Base price: $23,640
-Acquisition fee: $650
-Documentation fee: $230
-CVR fee: $24
-Subtotal: $24,544.00

-Cash: $ -4,902.66
-Rebates: $ -250.00
-Subtotal: $5,152.66

-Depreciation: $4,901.74
-Rent Charge: $3,866.49
-Subtotal: $8,768.23

-Lease term: 36 months
-Number of Lease Payments: 36
-Base Monthly Payment: $243.56
-Sales/Use Tax: $14.61
-Subtotal: $258.17

-Capitalized Cost Reduction: $5,152.66
-Capitalized Cost Reduction Tax: $309.17
-Title Fee: $15.00
-Plate transfer fee: $10.00
-Registration fee: $5.00
-First Monthly Payment: $258.17
-Rebates Applied: - $250.00
-Subtotal: $5,500.00

Creating a new topic for your question.

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Thank you, please accept my apologies, as I am just learning to navigate through the website and section/places where it’s appropriate to post particular a topic. Thank you and cheers! :slight_smile:

Can you post your attempt at the calculator?

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Hi, sure thing, am I missing something or inputting something wrong in the calculator?

At first glance, your MSRP is off by $1,000 in the calculator. Looks like you’re buying at $1,000 over?

Yes, I am paying a market adjustment of $1,000 over MSRP unfortunately :frowning:

Okay, so your calculator should have $22,640 as the MSRP and $23,640 as the selling price.



Oh okay gotchya. And does the $250 Kia lease cash get inputted into the “Tax Incentives” line?

Ah, I see now after clicking on your lease hackr calculator. So, it seems like they are inflating the money factor I would assume then?

Hi, sure please take a look.

Definitely a possibility. You can compare the rent charge on the calculator to the one on the lease agreement/contract to confirm.


How close (in dollars amount) does the lease hackr calculator come to the actual lease payments (ie, $5 per month, $3 per month, etc)?

I’d say within $1-3 most of the time.


Thank you so much, @NYNJAudi. No wonder why these dealerships are called snake oil and have a bad rep. They charged me $1,000 over MSRP and that was not satisfying enough for them. Let’s gough the customer also on the interest rate. Their day will come.

You should know how leasing works and how the LH calculator works for your own knowledge and to know how to make offers … but this offer should have been rejected right off the bat.

$14,500+ to lease a $22,600 MSRP car is insane.


Oh, I agree, it is insane indeed. It’ll cost $13,668 to lease a $22,640 msrp vehicle. We’re in an unprecedented time with regard to the car industry. The fed continues to increase interest rates, and in turn, these car manufacturing capital banks, in turn, are increasing interest rates on car and lease finance; also low supply is causing manufacturers to offer very low incentives/rebates (if any), and dealers, in turn, are selling over MSRP. High-interest rates, low-to-nothing incentives/rebates, and higher than MSRP markup are how I am arriving at these preposterous numbers. Crazy times, but everything is expensive whether it’s new or used vehicles. And I found out recently that dealers are playing hardball and maintaining their over MSRP because they are fully aware of which dealers in their respective states are having which vehicles being allocated to which dealership in their respective state along with the ETA.

So dont lease it… it only is worth leasing over purchasing when it makes sense to lease over purchasing.


Should I purchase it instead?

You should do a number comparison, but yes, most vehicles right now make more sense to finance than to lease.