2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Limited 4x4-Thoughts?


Looking for some input on the deal I negotiated on Long Island, NY:

MSRP: 52,190
Sales Price: 51,581
Residual: 29,748
Taxes: 8.625%
No Down Payment or MSD
48 months/12k miles per

Monthly payment: $660.00 includes all taxes and all fees and dmv. They only thing due at drive off is first month of $660.


I have no idea why:

  1. You’d lease a car for a year beyond its warranty (and from a notoriously unreliable OEM on top of that).

  2. Put yourself on the hook for potentially substantial replacement costs of consumables such as tires, brake pads, rotors, etc. and accumulate more wear & tear which can be deemed “excessive” at the end.

  3. Lease a car that hasn’t been crash tested (and from an OEM that notoriously flunked it’s last GC test and didn’t give enough of a F to retake it).

  4. Pay ~$32k to rent a car thats not even loaded vs the competition. Just to put in perspective how highly inflated the MSRP is, it has less equipment than a $46k Kia Telluride.


Tell us how you really feel, let it all out.

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From my amateur view and trying to put together a deal on a Jeep GC L Overland, it looks super high. In my latest communication with a few different dealers, the 2022’s lease better than the remaining 2021’s. This market isn’t super friendly for leasing but having patience and finding the right motivated dealers is super helpful. Out of the 20ish dealers I have spoken too, I think I am making progress and right around the high 600’s with first payment down and 39 months but still too rich for my blood on an Overland priced at $62,785. The search continues and good luck in your search. I am in Columbus, Ohio, so not sure how helpful that is.

i would read the laundry list of reviews for this car. its a lemon. uconnect, power steering, brakes, everything on this car is an issue. buyer beware, do your research

Do you have some links? Car and Driver reviews it favorably.

I have found right now, leases on these are so tough.
I am in TX.
I have hounded every dealer in my area - and have gotten a few deals close to what I can get with a broker/order.

My best 2 deals (giving you what I have on both as I refuse to step foot into a dealership unless it is to sign"
Sales tax here is 6.25%

2022 Jeep GCL Limited 4x4
MSRP - $53,685
total purchase - $52,184
$3585 DAS
Monthly $585

2022 Jeep GCL Altitude 4x2
MSRP $48,370
$3700 DAS
money factor - .00223 (blach) ally
RV 70
and this one is with me handing over a trade so some tax benefits there

I have a 3rd deal structured on a 21 limited 4x2 - but it doesn’t beat the 22 limited 4x4

with tier 1 credit - I;m assuming I could almost purchase at this price

Im open to any all feedback / guidance
I am a total amatuer and never leased before

If you’re not getting a tax credit, why not order one from out of state and at least get a decent discount?

I have reached out to multiple out of state and not seeing better numbers. I am getting slightly better on the drive off - but factor in broker fee and shipping it doesn’t really equate to me

I’m struggling to see how that could be the case. You’re at about 2.5% off msrp on your first deal there. Brokers are at like 8.5% off msrp on orders here, so you’re talking about a 6% delta. Broker fee and shipping isn’t going eat up that whole $3500 extra savings.

I cant quite figure it myself.

Through a broker (on an altitude 4x4) with a 36/12 I am sitting at $569/month with 2k DAS…
the limited is at $612 - 2k DAS

Are you comparing against the same banks?

I am assuming no.
Both dealerships are using Ally since RV is at 70 with them, yet the MF is terrible .0023 (I am tier 1)

Chrysler capital has standard MF but RV drops significantly.

I am learning. It is A LOT to learn and my head began spinning on all this.

Be sure to understand the implications of using someone like Ally in regards to buyouts, lease end, options for getting out of the lease, etc.

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Oh you are an internet angel. I had not even taken this into consideration!

Doing homework now - thank you!

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So the limited 4x4 deal is through CCAP

This is all they will give me until I show up and sign. :confused:

That’s more than enough info to know that it’s not a good deal. $1500 off the sales price is way low compared to what you can get ordering.

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Msrp on ordering has gone up about 3k though hasn’t it?

You’d need to compare this build to the price on an order. I don’t know what they’ve done with the GC-L, when this particular vehicle was invoiced, etc

This deal is trash. I’m on LI. Don’t buy from any dealership here. Find a broker on these forums to help.