2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude $470, $2500 DAS


Ordered this for my sister back in January through Chapman at 5% below invoice and we picked it up last night. CCAP May numbers increased the payment almost $100 per month, so we opted for Members 1st Credit Union which had a significantly better program. Process was very smooth, no games or markups, in and out in about 45 min.

MF: .00150
Residual: 69%


can you share what program you used in the Credit Union?

Congrats on the new ride and thanks for sharing the data points!

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The program is within the calculator. For a 36/10 lease, they were 69% residual and .00150 MF.

Are you sure your calculator reflects 5% under invoice (listed as FWP on a Jeep order sheet)?You are 6.5% under MSRP which does not seem to equate to 5% under invoice, unless invoice and MSRP are super close.

There were barely any options added and the invoice price changed slightly at delivery.

Grand cherokee has much less room then Wrangler.
My 4xe 5% under invoice is about 7.5% off MSRP

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Here is the original POC, the selling price went up about $120 when the vehicle landed. Not much room in these especially with no options checked.

Wow - really close spread there. When I was building a GCL with lots of options, there was a $2800 difference between invoice and MSRP