2022 JDP Initial Quality results

Normal caveats that JD Power is a conflicted platform, and that this is only initial quality—which I think it is more important wrt leasing.

This isn’t a normal caveat. This is a caveat that destroys the integrity of the entire thing.


How much do you think GM and Stellantis paid for the top spots?

JDP has been compromised for a long time. No credibility in the market anymore. It’s an advertisement platform.


Not enough since Chrysler is dead last.

GM on the other hand has to have JDPower on the payroll wuth the way the ratings are central to all their advertising campaigns.


“Who’s Who” for cars has spoken.

Chrysler has two vehicles in their portfolio, maybe it’s just not a priority anymore to spend money on advertising?

They seem to be pushing the brand for some of their new evs though. Id think they wpuldnt want to totally sour customer opinion if jdpower was already in their pocket.

Who knows what Stellantis is up to. Doesn’t seem As if they’re posturing themselves to take significant market share like Ford and GM are.

How is Volvo 4th from the buttom and between Maserati and Chrysler?


Fantastic job from Kia. With their EVs, Tellurides and seemingly good commitment to quality, it’s an up and coming brand to rival the Japanese ones. The Stinger is also an under rated sedan.

Maybe this is true. But JDP is not proof.

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What…you don’t trust the results of a buncha journo’s sitting around and deciding in 15 minutes who the sexiset man alive is to throw on the front cover!?!

If you dig in to the methodology most of the IQ hits are probably user error infotainment problems.

The thing is I never had any major issues with the infotaiment. Sensus just not the best by any means.


Do Volvos often have issues like people complain? Or is it just the old heads who suck with tech

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With my Sensus, maybe once a week, CarPlay won’t connect. I stop the car / turn it off / open driver door (which tells it to reboot), restart the car and it connects fine. Everything else works perfectly.

Same issue here. But i mean as long as i can avoid any major issues I’m fine with the carplay not connecting

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I love our Volvo but it did have busted brakes, no AC and transmission problems all together at 10k miles. All were found and fixed (AC valve and fluids/trans software update and new front brakes done under warranty).

Does your volvo ever fail to stop with adaptive cruise control?

lol speakers on my S60 randomly stopped working the other day right after I ended a phone call. I could hear the music but extremely faintly and the volume gauge wouldn’t change anything. It legit wouldn’t work until I stopped and “rebooted” the car.

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