2022 Hyundai Tuscon

So. Much. Styling.

Interior looks good, though.

Front grill is from Le fil rouge 2018

Much better than the exterior at least.

What’s with the bloody fangs design of the rear?

And the bat silhouette in the grill.

I cant be the only one seeing it.
This should be named the Hyundai Dracula.

All that’s missing is a grill of the BMW’s and you’ll get a gaping vampire toothed monster car.

Jesus that is going to age terribly. The new Hyundais are but ugly IMHO

I liked the Sonata, but the Elantra leaves me cold (haven’t seen it in-person yet).

The thing about the new Tuscon is that the fundamental shape (and even the window line) aren’t that different. It’s just a lot of “surface excitement,” which is rather disappointing…