2022 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Limited - $484 Monthly, 0 DAS, 36/12

You have your target deal of $2K off MSRP + $4,500 Hyundai lease cash. Please keep us posted on your outcome.

Correct. FL Doc Stamp is a Florida state mandated excise tax of 0.35% of the financed loan amount which does not apply to a lease.

Note that the latest money making scam from FL dealers is bumping up electronic registration fees to $299-599 and also telling customers you have no choice but to use this service from the dealer. This is on top of the already outrageous $799-999 Dealer Document Fee. More BOLD ink on the contract making it look like a mandated fee and to confuse customers.

Which is why it is crticial in Florida to always negotiate your out the door price on any vehichle purchase. Let the dealers play around with the line items however they wish to make the OTD number work to maximize backend mfg to dealer incentives and sales commissions.

The OP is currently $3,399 dollars from this target in the original post which is $1,399 over MSRP. There is a lot of ground to try and make up…

If I was forced to take a sedan at MSRP, this and a Camaro LT1 are looking like the best deals in the market. Its been tough finding a decent leasing sedan, much less SUV’s.

I’ve found Camaro’s lately in the region having a market adjustment markup.

S60’s are leasing well too actually, but for a top trim that goes over my mid 400’s ball park.

Thanks for all the feedback y’all! Will update on the route I go.

I’m saying OP has established his target deal. I’m saying to let us know if he achieves it.
Are we not on the same page?

We are. He has his work cut out for him with the original deal quote