2022 Hyundai Kona SEL

2022 Hyundai Kona SEL. SE Wisconsin. 53132. 4 door AWD . 36 months. 10K miles.

Retail Price: $26,310.
Gross Cap Cost: $27,304.
Residual 63%= $9,734.70

0 down, monthly payment of $387.

$16,575 Buyout

I read all the Lease articles and watched the videos. Still not an expert.

Would love to hear if you think this is a good deal?

A good deal compared to what? Its an ok deal by itself

A good deal for that particular car in this particular region. And quite honestly can i find a better deal with another SUV or is that pretty much the price i’m looking at.


If you truly arent paying any cash out of pocket, yes thats good for an EV, the Nissan Leaf is cheaper but smaller

There are other mini SUVs you can get for a little less, but for an EV thats about right
Lol , we aren’t talking about the EV

Oh…thanks…but its not an EV - you mean electric vehicle right?

Yes EV is electric Vehicle.
For a little less the Hyundai Venue is also viable but it is a slightly smaller SUV. And is Gas

I don’t recommend the Hyundai Kona EV at the moment as the rebates aren’t there.

Ok…yeah the Hyundai Kona SEL is not an EV. I 'll look at the Venue. THnx.

For some reason I thought that was the EV, that’s a good deal for the non EV as it doesn’t have the EV rebates at all.

The Venue is the cheapest SUV out there right now, but it is smaller, also the SantaCruz Truck is in between in the pricing.

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How much due at signing

Im not putting anything down

“No down payment” isnt the same as nothing due at signing. Assuming it’s just first payment it’s an ok deal, you’re not getting screwed. MF should be .00114 personally I wouldn’t want to pay that much for it. Also being from the Milwaukee area I’m sure you’ve heard the news about the Kia boys. Kias and Hyundais make up like 85% of our vehicle thefts. Wouldn’t want to risk it.

Regarding the thefts, it depends on where you live. Here in the Philly area, the current concern is car jackings. In this case, driving a Kia/Hyundai may be an advantage.

But then there’s this.

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