2022 Honda Civic Thoughts

“Prototype” but it looks like its just interior that’s not production ready. Getting a lot of Jetta/A5 Sportback vibes from that rear, overall profile looks like a baby accord. Maybe I’m biased because I love my 10th gen hatch, but a bit too tame? Thoughts everyone?

Looks incredibly generic


Camry and Accord had a baby ! Congrats :slight_smile:

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With how many people were screaming “BOY RACER” at the current Civic, I’m not surprised they dialed down the hard edges.


It’s copying Audi/VW/BMW, look at the way the hood opens, body lines and taillights. Maybe some Lexus too. Pretty standard for the Japanese to copy

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I was gonna type, “VW called, the rear end back” but you beat me to it lol

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It looks like a cross between a Jetta and a 2017 Honda Accord.

I think the current gen is tacky and crude. This looks way better (esp the interior), IMHO. I’d consider purchasing this new one; I wouldn’t be caught dead in an old one.

I like that it looks like a mini Accord. I think the Accord is quite nice, although the rear half of the vehicle is too “heavy” looking. This Civic takes car of that problem! How knows what it’ll look like in real life, but the sheetmetal stamping looks way prettier than that of the VW (also crude but not tacky, IMO).

I am also > 40 yrs old, so a somewhat generic and boring exterior works just great for me. I imagine it’ll still be a good driver.

The current Jetta is so forgettable I can’t believe anyone sees something else and thinks “reminds me of a Jetta!”