2022 Grand Cherokee L - 360 camera

Just leased a GCL Limited. I like the car and the deal was good enough that i did not expect much but i was disappointed to find out it did not come with a 360 camera. Looked at overland as well and it also did not come standard with 360 camera. You need to get an overland and upgrade to the Advanced Pro Tech III package to get surround view camera. Or you need to get summit or summit reserve to get it standard. You can’t even get the Adv Pro Tech III package on a limited. I found this pretty annoying.

Guess you’ll just have to use your eyes :man_shrugging: :rofl:
I kid, I kid.

But interestingly, the GC 4xe Limited appears to let you get Luxury Tech Group, but not the gas model.

There’s a 10k difference in pricing between the 2 models so I guess they have to make it worthwhile for someone to upgrade to that.

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It’s kind of sd when i am jealous of a kia - I wish they had the kia blind spot feature Here's How 2021 Kia Sorento's Blind-Spot View Monitor Works - YouTube

I was not a big fan of that feature on my Honda Civic back in the day. It felt distracting but that may also have been because the screen was in the middle lol

Guess the grass is always greener on the other side. Because features on the higher trims for Kia (and most manufacturers that use trim levels) are not available on the lower trims.

The hyundai/kia implementation is much better than the honda implementation

Yeah I watched the video and would prefer it the way Kia has done it, though I still am not a huge fan of it overall.