2022 grand cherokee 4xe lease. How bad did I Do?

Very bad, prob subsidized another hacker. Nothing can be done at this point but to enjoy the new ride and learn a valuable lesson.


physically or financially?

I hope OP suffers no more personal harm.

The salesman, who knows?

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this was in february, my ass still hurts which is why i posted.
originally i thought i agreed for a 3000 down payment. when i was sitting in the finance room that’s when that got confusing.
they listed my old jeep for 10 grand over what i could have bought it out for.

Oh yeah a summit reserve is alawys gonna be a bad deal unless you get like a 15% discount. You know it’s bad when you could probably finance a 4runner at a lower monthly than that and the additional monthly gas costs would still probably come out less. Shit you could probably lease a Seqoia for less.

I get a red rider wagon too if i wanted something old and busted that also had 4 wheels.

Not only that but they kill the reputation of the brand. I will NEVER lease or buy a new Jeep, Dodge, or Ram vehicle after my experience with trying to do this deal in socal, Further than that I’ll go so far as to include Alfa Romeo and Fiat in that statement since they’re also owned by CDJR dealerships here an pull the same shady nonsense.

I bet that wagon has a better residual than the 4xe

Dude made the rookie mistake of dealing with the floor sales guys in person. Sometimes that can give better leverage because they don’t want you to leave, but always better to call these places up first and deal directly with somebody higher up the food chain. If places start asking if you’re a broker, you’re on the right track.

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Subsidized the sales manager’s alimony more likely

Where’s Max when you need him
beating a dead horse wtf GIF


Salesman on a long vacation…