2022 grand cherokee 4xe lease. How bad did I Do?

NorCal feb 23
I leased a 2022 grand cherokee 4xe
$6000 Down
$538/m after tax
they pushed for ally

my 2020 grand cherokee lease was up. (that i didn’t end up getting equity for)

I got stuck at the dealership for hours as they did their b.s. i got so tired i couldn’t think straight anymore and just signed.

did they fuc me twice? once with the lease end car that i could have had 5-8k equity. twice with fudging numbers. The finance guy was new to the job,

Did you at least buy the lube?

Effective $870+ / month?
So about $250 more than what I am seeing around here. Can’t be accurate without knowing the actual equity in your 2020.

Have you did the calculation on a buyout? I’m not sure if Ally allows that or makes it difficult.


So you knew it was a bad deal but you signed anyway?

What’s going thru your mind while at the dealership? “Fark, these guys are screwing me big time, but fk it, I’ll just lock myself into these lousy (ridiculously expensive) payments for the next 3yrs”

I really don’t get it sometimes.


Was a gun pointed at your head?

Did you make any attempt to get equity out of it?

Were they holding you hostage?

Actually more than twice:

  1. Small discount off MSRP
  2. Potential lost equity in trade in
  3. $6000 down
  4. Ally lease
  5. 39 month lease


Well enjoy the car and come back here in 39 months before you make a salesperson’s month again.


Meanwhile I thought this deal was iffy I’m starting to feel better about it.

Yes, this is a very poor deal… in probably more ways than we are aware of.

Enjoy the new Jeep! Be sure to research before signing your next deal.


Unfortunately you signed a horrible, bad, no good deal. You fell for exactly the point of what a dealership intends to do. Get you stuck there all day and get you so tired and fed up you’ll do anything just to get out of it. These are going for about what you paid as your monthly with little to nothing DAS. and the cherry on top they got you to lease using Ally which has about the equivalent of a 10% money factor where as Chrysler a capital is below 3 maybe even 2%. I’m sure there was equity in your old lease which they didn’t tell you about which you left on the table too. Sorry not trying to make you feel bad, but next time do the research and come to a deal over email. The only reason to go to the dealership is to test drive, and to pickup and sign papers on an already confirmed deal. You live and you learn. On the bright side, maybe you can text the salesman or GM if you can go out for a day on their new boat from this deal.


I feel bad for OP.

Not only did they steal his equity in his GC, but made him put down $6K on top of that and have a high monthly.

They outright killed him.

Nothing he can do now except enjoy the car for the duration of the lease.

Please make sure you come back and ask next time before signing anything.


I think based on recent posts we need an empathetic, compassionate “So you signed a terrible lease” wiki.


Just trying to understand your line of thinking here… You’ve apparently been a member since February, so you must have seen some example deals over the past few months, especially recently. Why wouldn’t you ask questions over those three months instead of doing whatever it is that you ended up doing here?


Good luck getting any equity out since it’s Ally, if for any reason they need you to resign, drop the car off and start over, this deal is awful.

How it’s done, and this is a 2023

Yeah just pray that the new finance guy messed something up and they need you to re-sign something. At which point, refuse and give the car back (will be messy but maybe possible).


I am impressed that the OP was brave enough to create this thread. :slight_smile:


That’s when you push back, or leave. You shouldn’t be negotiating this in person anyway but at the end of the day YOU are in charge here, not them.

Again… If you’re feeling under the weather, tired, uncomfortable, don’t fully understand something… Why didn’t you just stop and leave? Nothing good can come from being in that type of compromised condition.

While it may be true that the Finance manager recently was promoted, that doesn’t mean that they are new to the job. The “job” is selling stuff, plain and simple. The better salespeople who have career ambitions often end up going the F&I route.

So I get the OP’s predicament which has happened to some of us (especially before discovering LH).

They test drove the car, they like it, they’ve been there for hours and maybe financially they can afford it and don’t want to bother starting over.

At least it’s not a $1200/mo Q4 lease. :smiley:

Just take all the advice and make sure to do better on your next car.


Quite the contrary actually


Forget the money – I think the greater lesson to be learned here is how to stand up for yourself. “I can’t think straight so I did what I was told to” is a guaranteed way to get abused whether you’re in a car dealership or literally anywhere else. That mindset makes you an easy victim.

If you were stuck in the dealership for hours, then you were ill-prepared to even be there. You walked in without doing your homework and no goal in mind, so you took everything you were told at face value on the sales floor and let them structure the deal however they wanted.

I know it’s the same cliché we tell teenagers, but if you’re ever feeling uncomfortable, don’t allow people to pressure you into staying or doing something you don’t want to do. Don’t be afraid to say “no” and get yourself out of a bad situation. I’m sorry this happened to you. Yeah, it sucks to be ripped off, but money comes and goes. What’s worse is willingly subjecting yourself to abuse or uncomfortable situations because you’re scared to stand up for yourself. Trust your instincts and let it be the last time you find yourself caving in to others because you were not in your right mind! :pray:


wow. that is… wow

is it going to rain heavily near you anytime soon? did you get gap insurance? :thinking:

Maybe the battery will self combust and you will get out of it.

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