2022 GMC Canyon Purchase

Long story short, I set a friend up with a Tacoma lease a few years back through LH, it was in an accident and is now almost certainly totaled.

He wants to purchase (not lease) another mid size truck and likely can’t wait for an order. I’m still trying to push him back toward Toyota, but he saw a 2022 GMC Canyon he’s interested in and I’m looking to help him get the best deal.

Obviously the market sucks, but from what I’ve read the 2023 is coming soon on new chassis along with other updates over 2022.

I’m looking for feedback here, is it possible to get a discount on these trucks right now?

So far I’ve found $250 bonus cash (not sure if loyalty is needed), $500 military and 0% financing through GM. The window sticker on the truck he looked at was ~$42,500 including that ridiculous mandatory $1500 for Onstar (did I mention ridiculous!?). Adding 6% tax and doc fees his out the door price would be around $45,500 at full sticker price.

Any feedback appreciated!

Thank you

Supplier if the dealer will honor it. There’s some dealers discount RAM 1500s and brokers too.