2022 GC 4XE SR Deal Check - Edit *SIGNED*

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Been shopping local 2022 Grand Cherokee 4xe’s found one that’s been on the lot 220days. I’m about $1500-$2000 away from being really happy with this deal. My only problem is they won’t budge on the selling price. I wouldn’t think a unit that old, they would want to keep when we are so close to a deal. Maybe my expectations are wrong? I’m seeing some discounts+rebates getting over 20k off.

Any help here would be appreciated!

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Those are usually with idl cash from using a non-subvented lease program

Find out what bank they are trying to use. If this is Ally all those rebates mean nothing when the money factor is equivalent to 10%. See if you can use a credit union, or Chrysler capital, but you may lose some rebates, but the MF should be closer to 2-3% which is hundreds of dollars a month. Unfortunately the higher trims of the jeeps don’t lease well. See if you can get a $1000 off coupon from browsing the jeep website too.

The discounts you see here are mostly for the base trim. With Summit Reserve you’re looking at the top of the line. If you want to replicate a deal, start by replicating the target trim.
Total Price here doesn’t disclose how much add-ons were installed but assume 2k, that means you have little MSRP discount, which is expected when negotiating high-end lines. The rebates from the manufacturer/bank are fixed $numbers and not %percent of the MSRP. Here (again, as expected) they are less for this trim with only $11.5k (compared to $13.5k for the base trim). Being fixed numbers means that they are proportionally less when the MSRP is higher (13.5k out of 63k msrp VS 11.5k out of 80k msrp).
Plug in the numbers in the Calc and check the score. My preference is to stay above 8.5 years, but every case is different, your preferences are different. The base trim is yielding scores 10-11 years, sometimes more.
That being said, kudos for exploring beyond what most people were doing here (targeting the base trim). Hopefully you can hack something and share.

To get the additional 2k you’re looking for, explore the details of the add ons and try to negotiate they eat those. Also, remind your agent he’ll get $5 commission for every day this car has been in the lot. About $1,100

Do you have affiliate/Tread Lightly? That would help with discounts. If you do there are many options out of state offering 8-10% off sticker.

If you don’t you could get it and wait 30 days.

Appreciate that info took what you said dropped it in the calculator. Zero drive off but put +750 down payment as trade in equity.

Comes out to 9.1

Edit: 8.8 if you move the residual to 49 must of not took when I shared the link.

Actual EP discount

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If you’re getting employee pricing this looks like a standard EP deal (5% off invoice).

Not sure if anyone else can chime in if a dealer is allowed to do more on an EP deal. Certainly with affiliate though it’s standard 1% off invoice dealers use that margin to do much more.

As in with affiliate they have more room to go under that 5percent? It seems that’s the story they are telling is a ep can’t go below that 5% deal no matter what.

I believe with an actual employee pricing deal, it is what it is.

You may be better off not using the ep pricing.

Had a long day yesterday, 0 down sign and drive 785.18 a month. They paid tax and first month. Total deal took roughly 8 hours of negotiation. They didn’t seem to like my trade, so I drove down the road like 5 miles, and sold my car to a Ford dealer. Took maybe an hour or so, and they drove me back and dropped me off. I’m sure the GSM wasn’t expecting that to happen. The finance guy is familiar with me as he worked my wrangler 4xe deal, and took over to seal the deal on another 4xe. They had 3k or so in addons added and tried to keep weaseling 5k in additional payments, should of ran but figured I had the upper hand on the deal so played them till 6pm close and got it done.

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4Xe Summit reserve advance and lux package 81k mrsp. 785 month 39 months zero payment up front.

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Ruby and SR 4xe thanks to this great forum for the continued education!



You have really wanted the summit trim eh?

The reason I say this is that the base trim would have been closer to $400-450.

I work really hard to keep the banks in business. :sweat_smile:

Ultimately, as long as you’re happy with it! That’s the main thing.

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Worth clarifying my 8.5 years minimum is for latest year model available. Here we’re discussing a 2022.
Congrats on your deal!

The “score” is a really flawed metric. There’s no point using it the way you are.


Specially for a vehicle like Jeep GC, which always have some sort of rebate general public qualifies. That will bring down the effective MSRP a bit.

Good and valid point, I was chasing the most money off possible on a top trim of the CDJR line up. I’m very happy with the summit reserve it’s a beautiful vehicle and my longest current vehicle I’ve owned that still is going strong is my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited!

If you love it and it works for you, CONGRATS! Now go enjoy it.

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