2022 Frontier lease

First time trying to lease a car and was wondering if somebody could tell me if the deal is decent or not. Tried using the calculator but couldn’t figure it out. It’s a 2022 Frontier S Crew Cab 4x4 listed for $35k. M.F at .002277 and residual at 98% for a 18 mo/15k miles lease. Was quoted $1500 down and $206 a month.

Try filling out the calculator and share and we will help.

Blindly it looks like a straight MSRP buyrate deal.

I’ll try again

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Just fill in your tax rate and your dealer’s fees in the calculator

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Even without documentation fees and taxes, it comes out to $215 with $1500 DAS. So pretty sure your dealer is giving you a discount. But make sure that the MSRP is actually $35k, none the less great deal.

Assuming from your tag IL - guessing cook county - it’s looks like a good deal with slight discount maybe 0~1%?

It seems like a good deal and I ve been searching for these in IA. Do you know if the dealer has other S Trims in stock?

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