2022 Ford F150 Lightning Lariat EV SR 510A - 7200 miles - 4x4 - for sale $73,000

2022 Ford F150 Lightning Lariat EV 510A
6800 miles

Southern California full BEV Ford F150 Lightning Lariat truck for sale.

Used for daily commuting.

Range: 260-291 miles per charge - urban commuting - warm weather year around.

New EV arriving to replace my F150.

Manufactured June 2022.

Delivered July 2022.

See window sticker - complete build - no deletions - no chip holds/removals.

Includes AM radio (last year).

Rare Ice Blue Silver Metallic - only offered in 2022 MY.

6800 miles currently on odometer.

Buyer can request professional or online inspection locally near my location at buyer’s expense.

Bank lien will be needed to satisfy for title.

Buyer to arrange shipment.

  • 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning 4x4 Supercrew
  • 145" wheelbase
  • Dual electric motor standard range battery
  • Single-Speed transmission
  • Ice Blue Silver Metallic exterior
  • Dark & gray 2 tone interior
  • Lariat 510A Lightning
  • 20" Machine black high gloss wheels
  • Zero emissions vehicle
  • 275/60R/20 BSW All-Season tires
  • Electric drive E-lock RR axle
  • Maximum towing: 5000 lbs.


  • New sealed Ford Mobile 32A charger (120 / 240VAC)
  • 2 key fobs
  • Front license plate bracket
  • Box Link hardware
  • Spigen 15.5" screen protector
  • F150 Lightning logo tailgate inserts

Subject to prior sale - this vehicle is listed with an auto broker, online ads, etc…

Please message me with any questions.

Photo album link:
2022 Ford F150 Lightning Lariat 510A EV truck for sale photos

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I dig the vanity plate!



Two things:

  1. I’m confused - I thought this forum was for lease transfers, not sales?
  2. Is the Lightning market so bad that a 6,000 mile used example is worth $6k more than it was brand new? MSRP is $69k in your pic.

22 lightnings are very easy to scoop at MSRP right now and many will also qualify for the federal tax credit (income permitting) if new

Don’t know the so cal market but the truck has 0 options and it’s not a desirable color


Price dropped to $73K.

Try to offload it asap values are tanking on these


Good luck but 73 is closer to the price for a 511a with extended…

How are you getting 260 miles of range from a battery that should only have 230?

Living in the warm desert southwestern US (So Calif).

Temps never drop below 50 degrees even in winter.

I get 260-290 miles of range because I drive in urban traffic, no faster than 45MPH.

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Range is terrible here in NH this month. I drive to work and back (40 mi total). Leave the house in the morning with 200 miles range, pull in the driveway at night with 135.

Any luck with the sale?

Yes thanks for asking.

I have 2 brokers at $71K and 1 private buyer at $72.5K. Waiting until my new MME arrives which should be here in early March.

Numbers are only going to go down on this. Bird in the hand - I wouldn’t ask for an offer and ice someone.


Sell Salesman GIF by Ryan Serhant


2.5 mo old/2,100 mi on a $72.3k MSRP and the absolute best I can do is 68.5k. Most offers were low to mid 60s. Gonna take it & run.

Party’s over for the Lightning up here in Northeast. There’s one dealer that’s even DISCOUNTING $2k for the 2 they have in stock!

Lariat SR & Lariat ER


Its Over.

I loved the lighting but the market realized it serves little to no purpose as a real “truck.” Granted, a lot of truck owners do not do real truck things (me included most of the time).

23 prices are insane and I predict it’s going to be real ugly for these in the not so distant future.

I’d get out of them ASAP.


I bet a Tesla-like MSRP reduction is coming real soon


Agree 100%


A lot of people were waiting for the $39k Pro, which doesn’t exist anymore. $55k now.

GM is going pull the same stunt with the $39.9k Silverado EV 1WT.