2022 Fed EV tax rebate for 2022 VW ID4

Here is my situation and I guess many would be in the same boat:

I placed an online order for VW ID4 last Nov 2021, which will only be delivered only next week 9/30/2022 which is Germany made. As we all know 16th Aug Inflation Reduction Act was signed. Which has left me confused if my car would be eligible for the $7500 tax rebate under point #2 below:


If you purchase and take possession of a qualifying electric vehicle between August 16, 2022 and December 31, 2022, final assembly of the vehicle had to be completed in North America, otherwise the same rules in effect prior to the enactment of the Inflation Reduction Act apply (including those involving the manufacturing caps on vehicles sold).

Does the above mean that I do qualify ? Under “otherwise the same rules in effect prior to the enactment of the Inflation Reduction Act apply”

#2- Now for the state rebate:

I am a resident of NJ state. Regarding the Clean Energy NJ EV Rebate program, the dealer is saying I am not eligible since I placed an order in Nov 2021 but the point of actual sale will happen only 9/30 so I should be eligible isnt it?

/*** Snippet from NJ Clean Energy Program***/
To qualify for the Charge Up New Jersey incentive, your purchase or lease must meet the following requirements:
The vehicle must be ordered, purchased or leased after 07/25/22, the launch of the point-of-sale program;

/***** Response from my dealer:****/
According to my data you placed your $100 reservation in November 2021. At that time the 2021 fund was closed and the 2022 fund was unavailable, so you would not be eligible for a state rebate from the 2022 fund. In order to meet eligibility requirements my understanding is that you would need to cancel your order and begin the process all over again while the 2022 fund is still available

Pls advise and if I am eligible than what is the process to apply for the rebate.

Appreciate your help and paitence for the read…

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