2022 CLA 35 AMG Lease


I was looking for a 2022 CLA 35 AMG and the dealer I was working with sent me this deal:

10,000 miles, 36 months

MSRP: $55.205

Total down: $3000

Payments: $1096 a month

This seems way too high for me. Should I start looking elsewhere? They refuse to cut down on price. I plugged this into Edmund’s lease calculator for lease payments using VIN and they gave me a price of about $700 a month. Why is this dealership charging much more for the monthly payments?

Thanks in advance!

You’d be better off buying it. Check for dealer adds, MF markup, ADM, etc…the usual suspects.

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Thank you for the reply! What’s even crazier is this a demo car with 900 miles on it. I’m seeing if they can budge on price, otherwise I’ll look elsewhere.

That’s a insane price! I’m glad I got my C43 AMG back in late 2020 for less then $700 out the door. Times have def changed.

Yeah you’re extremely lucky! That’s my dream car. I got a similar quote back then but not sure why prices are so out of control from this dealership.

Just the market and any AMG car is going to sell at a premium. I’m actually trying to sell mine now since I rarely drive it believe it or not. Best of luck on ur search. Don’t settle for ridiculous prices.

I won’t thank you

These are average 10k ADM I heard. Plus no inventory.

All you did was ask them how much they want you pay for it, of course it’s going to be high.

Also keep in mind that for most MB leases 42 or 48 months will be the sweet spot, not 36.

But you should already know this before ever talking to a dealer.

Go to the Edmunds forums and ask for the MF and RV (get the RV for 36/42/48 mos) then build your baseline deal in the LH calculator. You can see exaclty what it should lease for, and play around with different options like term or DAS to see how it affects the payment.

But given that its 2022 and this is an AMG, this one is not going to be pretty even if you cut out any dealer BS or markups.


Then you should get it. But finance it.

Spending $41,000+ to lease something that stickers at $55k would be insanity.


I know this won’t help lol but I got a cla35 back in 2021 December for 2k due at signing and $580 a month tax included. Good luck

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Thanks for the replies! Currently working with an auto broker right now.

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