2022 C 300 Deal Check

No, where it comes from makes no difference. Where the lessee lives is the only thing that matters.

Looks like that 20% total tax applied if you leasing only not when you Buy. Plus the address on the DL has to be in Chicago City limit but if someone live in Cook County but in suburb of chicago then that Tax does not apply. Cook county is very big with many cities in it. I live in Will county .
I cant imagine someone leasing a car in City of chicago.

I agree with you. I was clarifying that the 20 % tax doesn’t apply everywhere. Chicago city and some suburbs are part of Cook county. I’m part of Cook county too, but the 20 % add on does not apply.

I was asking the OP to look at other state dealers for better deals.

Does it reqlly matter though? No one is going to give enough of a discount to offset that lease price.

Now, if we start talking about purchasing, sure.

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