2022 C 300 Deal Check

I don’t think this is the prettiest looking deal…but all the dealers that I have asked around in my city/region have all quoted me similar amounts. I live in Illinois, Cook County.

2022 C 300 - MSRP - $54,145. Selling it to me at MSRP
MF - Seems to be .400 with a 54% residual.

I have attached the build sheet and lease specific details. Any advise/input is appreciated!
1537279195.20220726.070738-msrp-01.pdf (9.4 KB)

1145 / 2k on a 54k car, how fast can you run away?

You know that’s 43000 paid out on a 54k car?

Edit : You must be in Chicago, that place is ugly for leases.


Yikes! I could not stomach that. Are you set on a C300? Why not look at a comparable BMW or Audi coupe?

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Jesus, 1150/month for a nom AMG C class? Run, far away.

Look if theres any brokers in the marketplace section who can help you out. A BMW will be considerably cheaper to lease if youre willing to go that route.

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If youre in Chicago proper, you do not lease cars.

You’re in “Crook” County which taxes the entire sales price of the car on the lease and you’re trying to lease a car that leases awfully bad.

Pls do not lease any car, especially this one.

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Ouchh :scream::scream::scream: better run away.

I know, it is also hard to find brokers/dealers for Mercedes within the Midwest. The deals are hot in the west Coast on some of these.

Are you suggesting, I finance the car?

I cant help it…Forrest has to come visit this thread.

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I’m suggesting that if you live in Chicago proper you forget leasing a car exists. ~20% taxes kills it.


I was thinking it is just this covid market driving current prices up. The current lease I have on a C class, I am paying $372 (leased in 2019, which was an eternity ago). I was sick to my stomach after hearing these numbers too :rofl:

Is it just that Mercedes leases are bad in this region? (Midwest) other makes such as BMW for a 3 series is not as bad as i have noticed.

Clearly this has to be a prank.

3 years ago does feel like an eternity. Interest rates were lower and residual values were higher. However, without knowing the details of the deal you got back in 2019 (such as new vs loaner, discount off MSRP, incentives), it is not even worth it trying to compare it to the offer on this 2022.

Btw, isn’t the 2023 model going to be released soon? That’s the new body style, I believe.

Mercedes leases are bad in general compared to BMW, lower RV, lack of incentives, and higher MF.

The 2022 C300 is the redesigned body.

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The lease offer is pathetically horrible. Thank you for coming here with an “ask” thread vs. a “I signed, how did I do?” thread.

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Maybe “not as bad” on a relative basis but still terrible.

Luckily, I have not signed, and will look into some other comparable offers from bmw.

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