2022 BMW X5 vs Porsche Macan

Hey everyone, my brother is looking to purchase a vehicle for med school and I wanted to help him out to get the best deal possible. He likes the BMW X5 because it is very spacious and likes the Porsche Macan because it’s a Porsche and drives really nicely. Although both vehicles are not comparable in terms of size, they are both comparable in price.

The fully specced out X5 without M package is around 72k and Porsche Macan Base that we built online came around 66-70k depending on color and wheels. I like to pride myself that I’ve purchased two vehicles already in 2021 that were great deals. One was 2021 GLE 53 AMG for 7% off MSRP before incentives, and the second was 2021 Ram 1500 Limited for 16% off MSRP. Both were brand new.

However, times have changed in less than 2 months where I have contacted every single BMW dealership in the state and they offered no discounts at all even with hard negotiating. I am not happy about that so I recommended my brother to buy a Porsche Macan instead since Porsche barely gives any discounts even pre COVID-19 and their residuals/used market price is much much better than BMW. Porsche in my area said they are only selling @ MSRP but no markups ever.

Is this the right advice? If neither BMW or Porsche is offering any discounts, going with Porsche is a no-brainer right? I welcome any new advice or your thoughts on this so I can help my brother get a new car. Also, should I ask Porsche dealerships in other states if they can do less than MSRP on a custom-built 2022 Macan? I want to know what other Porsche dealerships are offering right now. Thanks alot for your help!

If he doesn’t need the space then Porsche

Given I have had both to drive (leased), I would say Porsche Macan for the better drive experience. It drives so much better than the BMW so if your brother is a driver type, get the Porsche.

BMW has changed a lot since the original / older E53 and E70 models which were “driver” SUVs of yesteryear - but these new X5 have become more “mom friendlier”, softer, and disconnected…

Porsche also allows for total personal customization which BMW does not.

I am looking currently at the Cayenne for 3 row seating which my wife wants.


Are you able to get any dealers to budge on $? My brother in law wants Porche and am trying to help.

The best Porsche discount I have received to lower cap cost was AutoNation.

Their prices online are exact (no markups and tricks), and the sales consultant gave me a 7% discount for the Porsche lease.

How much are they marking up the mf on that? Autonation never saw a buy rate they didn’t like marking up.


I was going to say, autonation is notorious for marking things up or being uncompetitive on pricing.

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Some of the best lease deals in the yesterdays were from autonation dealers

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Funny I am in the same boat. Originally wanted a Cayenne and thought it was a little expensive. So I figured bmw would be cheaper with incentives but no one is budging on msrp.

With the Cayenne I have dealers willing to do 5% off orders in Oregon.


Yes, my Porsche deal thru AutoNation was from 5 years ago when they were looking to get rid of cars…

Not now of course.

Going to wait it out 6 more months (extending my current lease) and see if this craziness stops…

No third row seating option in the Cayenne, so if you need a third row, need to go X5, X7 or some other option.

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Can’t get a cayenne or any other Porsche with 3rd row as fare as I know . I do think it would be a really tight squeeze to put a 3rd row in a cayenne , car is not that big…

Thanks @4sallypat !!

The third row in the X5 is not much of a third row. Look elsewhere if you plan to use them for people much over ~5’6" often.

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