2022 BMW M4 Base Build with Allocation Lease Numbers(SoCal)

Hi all!

How is this deal in today’s climate?
2022 M4 Base
MSRP: 94k (no markup)
MF: .00113 (.0002 markup)

The dealer has an allocation and is awaiting deposit. This is the best deal I’ve been able to find in SoCal. Is this as good as it’s going to get or am I not looking hard enough?

I think this is a good as you can get. Realistically - these cars aren’t getting discounted below MSRP. The non-base MF is not ideal for sure, but I don’t know if anyone in SoCal will do better. You could try expanding your search geographically, but I don’t think you’ll find anything that will offset shipping compared to this.

You kind of answered your own question.

you could search nationwide or through a broker perhaps for a base buy rate. other than that, I think not much else you can do right now.

I was hoping it was more of me not looking hard enough yet haha.

How many dealers did you contact? If more than 10 then either bite the bullet (if you need a car now) or wait it out.

I contacted every dealer from Santa Barbara down to San Diego(basically the whole SoCal), so I would guess 20 or so. I don’t need a car now, I am more worried about shortages getting worse and not getting the CF options I want in the near future. What do you advise?

I can’t tell you what to do. I am just an internet stranger trying to help out on this forum.


From your experience and observations, do you think finding better numbers would be possible?

I have been over on the BMW forums a lot, i have a 21 G80. Allocations are hard to come by and going fast. From what i have read , many in SoCal are marked up. So in that sense you are doing well, the buy rate is also being marked up all over the country by many dealers. Brokers could possibly find you base MF but then you have to pay them their fee and perhaps it will be in a dealer elsewhere, shipping, etc.

I would ask about any part shortages, CF buckets/exterior pieces. That is changing a lot , lots of misinformation and rumors. Also would ask when is the allocation slot for October/Nov production?

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No clue since this current market is unpredictable. The chip shortage could last till next summer. Who knows.

I am no psychic. Pricing could stay the same, get better or worse.

I was lucky enough to snag a new Audi lease in early May, before inventory issues.

Thank you for your input, that makes me feel a little bit easier. I’m not too keen on paying a markup, but essentially a 1k markup without affecting the residual doesn’t seem like the worst thing.

I’ll make sure to ask about the parts. Thanks again.

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Sadly, this answer seems to be the consensus.

Consider financing it instead - with a decent rate you may find your monthly is not that much more than a lease here.

That’s an option, but I would prefer not to put a down payment on it. And without a down, the payments would be substantially higher.

Look at total cost to own rather than payment. Consider the term you’d own the car for and the possible resale value. Look at how much depreciation you’d incur in total vs the cost of leasing and you might find that its significantly less, making financing worth it despite the additional risk and bigger monthly cash outflow (do the math though). I believe that’s what’s meant when users here suggest to finance instead of lease. We lease not because payments are lower, but because in many situations the cost of ownership is less. I believe @asfarr86 is saying this might not be one of those situations.


Look into a balloon finance. Your payment will probably be around the same as the lease.

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