2022 BMW Alpina B8 up for sale or transfer

Then put that in your 1st post. There’s a template for a reason.


Maybe they want to play 20 questions. :grin:

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Can’t even post an actual accurate photo of the car… that pic is the first google image result



The picture of the window sticker in the swapalease ad shows the MSRP is $151,595, not $159,000 as listed in the initial post.

Something doesn’t smell right here.

I’ll leave it at that.


Could be the ‘adjusted sticker’ after dealer adds. A lot of people don’t fully understand the difference between the real factory MSRP and the made up dealer one.

Please see updates listing for corrections.

Post actual pics of the car. Like click them with your phone and upload them.

More than that 7k is market adjustment… nice car but not going to find it’s home on LH

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Whatever you like to call it. I had not actual pictures and used one from the internet till I update the listing with actual pictures.

I guess this is one way of checking to see weed out non-qualified buyers (want to be) and haters. :grinning:

Time will tell. But within just a few hours car has been posted on the internet. I had over 25 excellent inquires and 5 protentional buyers. You are correct nothing from here except bunch of haters.

I will do it first thing tomorrow.

LH has tough love not haters. The average person here, in my opinion has a higher iq compared to a regular buyer


Just curious- if this is indeed your listing on swap a lease, the VIN posted from the Monroney corresponds to an active vehicle listing at BMW Seattle.



This is interesting that Seattle is listing this car new….

It currently pops up as having been RDR’d 7/29/22 out of the same dealer listed on the Monroney.


Perhaps Seattle keeping the listing up 2 months post delivery for a little bait n switch action? Very strange.


Monroney says Buena Park, where this vehicle was also retail delivered.

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:point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2:

Sometimes, dealership stock in vehicles they are attempting to get dealer traded and it will show up until the stock is removed.


I had a theory about that but didn’t wanna get in the weeds about it.

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