2022 BMW 530i $626/month+Tax + $2000 DAS + $4900 MSDs | Bernina Gray w/ Cognac Interior | Mint Condition

2022, BMW, 530i, MSport package, Shadowline Pkg, Rare Bernina Gray ext w/ Cognac Interior !!
Location: LA County

MSRP: $59295
Monthly payment (pre-tax): $626 + tax

Current mileage: 1700
Maturity mileage: 30000
Effective miles per month: 975/month
Maturity date: Dec’2024

MSD due (if any): $4900
Cash due (if any): $2000
Incentive for new lessee (if any): n/a

Financial institution: BMW Financial Services
Transfer fee: $500
Out-of-state transfer allowed (yes/no): No; would prefer to work with locals only. You

Vehicle condition (accidents, tire wear, etc.), options, and other details: Mint condition. Barely driven! Only 1700 miles driven. Lease allows 10k miles/yr. Super low payments due to MSD and my down payment which I am looking to recoup. You will need to cover the transfer fee if any.


There is no way your maturity date is Dec. 2025… BMW doesn’t do leases past 36 months…

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Thanks for pointing out. corrected - Dec’24

It’s $500 plus tax.

thanks. added.

Any photos?

BMWs usually don’t have equity so maybe a non-starter, but have you tried to sell to places like Rodo? They offered much more than payoff on my 530e, you might make more than your 2000 back with them or one of the other buyers out there.

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Thanks. However to my knowledge BMW doesn’t allow third party lease buyout; how would the title / taxes work out?

RODO works with BMW dealers so it wouldn’t be a third-party buyout, but you can attempt to find a BMW dealer to give you an offer if it will work in terms of negative / positive equity

I just sold my leased car back to a BMW dealer, it only took an hour and I got my check a week after that includes the positive equity and the MSD money. There are brokers here that might buy your car too. Good luck!

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Hi. Is this car still available?

Thanks for the tips. I am checking with them now.

It is. just working on the leads shared above to see if I can save some hassle / paperwork.

Hi. The problem with the 5 series is that there’s ZERO equity in them. I say that as I have a 2019 and my lease is expiring at the end of August. ZERO equity. It’s truly amazing as it’s one of few cars where this is the case in this environment. Well, if you still have it and would be interested in discussing a deal, I’m all ears. I obviously would get approved quickly from BMWFS as I currently have a 5 series thru them. And being in NY, we can get that figured out. That’s easy. Or I’ll just moved out your way, which I debate everyday actually. LOL.

Hope you’re having a great week!

Not sure about the 0 equity part. I have a 2021 540i. KBB sent me an offer for 8k over my payoff. Autonation offered 4K over.

MAybe 21’s do. I have a 2019 540I Xdrive with 40k miles and in mint condition. Im told zero equity. I have friends who are new car sales at Freeport BMW and manager at OC NY BMW who’ve been advising.

Well there’s your answer. Pre LCI + high mileage.

Excuse my ignorance, whats LCI? And is 40k for a '19 considered high mileage?

Life Cycle Impulse, BMW’s fancy way of saying “facelift” or “refresh” - so Pre-refresh