2022 BMW 330i - SF Bay Area


I am trying to lease a BMW 3 series and I had contacted Mountain view BMW dealership. The terms I am looking for is 36 months and 12000 miles. If I pay a down payment of $5000, I would have to pay $657 every month. I compared the prices with the lease calculator CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR and I am getting $616. I need to know if this is a good deal.

MSRP of the car $49,713.78
Rebates $1000

Edit: Updated the calculator link

You do not want to put a down payment on a lease.

(P.S. Your calculator is not specific to the deal)

Calc is wrong, that’s not base MF. You should be able to get a discount on a 330i, but you’ll need to send some emails. Alternatively, take a look at the marketplace section - posted deals are better than this.

You’re wasting your time trying to lease any BMW for the foreseeable future.

Pretty much all the numbers in your calculator are wrong.

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Autonation dealer, pretty much marked up everything. Looking at the other posts, you might want to start with the Leasing 101 articles. Good luck with your search

A deal will be found in SoCal, not up north, if one even exists

probably one of the worst deals i have seen on a 330i

I am currently being offered $465 monthly here in SoCal for the 330i
1000$ rebate
36 month / 10k

Carmax is offering me 16,200 for my VW jetta and i owe about $10,500

going to take the difference and use it as a downpayment - any feed back on this ?

Do you own the jetta or is it a lease? I’m guessing own with that low of an owe, but it makes a big difference.

i am leasing it… please advise any help is appreciated!

If you’re leasing it, VW financial will charge a significantly higher price to carmax/carvana to buy it, so you won’t get any equity out of it. You’ll need to either sell it to a vw/audi dealer or buy it yourself and sell it.

hmmm i was not aware of this - so if i buy it out with my own money and then sell it to carmax that would be the best way to capitalize on their offer ?

I’d at least get some quotes from some vw/audi dealers. You can get quotes from rodo and equityhackr here as well. If one of them is close, it’s probably not worth the hassle of buying, waiting on the title, etc and then selling.

Don’t do that, take the cash and set it aside for the payments. Don’t want total it and lose your down payment

thank you for all the great advise - heading to VW now to see what they will appraise it for.

took it to VW santa monica and they offered me $15,000 :slight_smile:

going to take it in tomorrow and grab the 330i

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Don’t put a single cent down as CCR aka down payment.

What are the details on this 330i?

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Here is the price breakdown


Listen to others’ advice here.

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