2022 Audi Q7 8% discount

SoCal .

Getting close to 9% off on 2022 Audi Q7 premium plus. Looking to buy only. THe MSRP is 68,555. Total OTD after taxes and rebates is around 66,000.

Any idea this is good deal?

How does your discount compare to what brokers are offering in the Marketplace?

i asked multiple brokers but none replied.

I would see if @DonnyAudi can beat it. He probably can.

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Your post is a bit confusing. Are you getting 8% or 8% plus additional 1500? You should edit your post to show MSRP, discount and incentives separately and confirm no dealer addons. Also, if you’re financing what’s your rate? Most people won’t be able to comment just on OTD price.

Just updated the post. I dont have incentive breakdown. There is no dealer addon. My financing rate is around 2.99% for 72 months.

I think 9% discount is pretty good. Before you pull the trigger check with @DonnyAudi and @Samaudibh if they can offer you a better deal.


Do you qualify for any incentives? If you don’t know, check out audiusa.com.

Do you have a deal sheet from the dealer?

It is text talk but he is local. So no sheat.

There was a $1,250 rebate on the 2022 Q7 that expired yesterday. I do not see November incentives online yet.

Nov has the same $1250 rebate for the 2022 Q7’s. If you’re getting 66k OTD on a $68,555 MSRP, that’s a deal!

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Been looking for one. I would jump on this deal.

Audi q7 is in the house. Thanks hanks @samaudibh

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Great deal, congrats on the new ride!

Did you get the 2.99% for 72 mo through Audi or other financing?

Other credit union