2022 Audi Q5 S line 55 TFSI e Quattro - Florida

Alright guys. This seems like a bad deal to me but wondering which point I should focus on in the negotiation and how you guys propose I do this.

residual: 54%
money factor: .00344

Pasted remaining details before.

Pretty new here so thank you in advance.

that the base MF?

@AutoCompanion shows 6% off on ordered cars. $999 dealer fee and $800 title fee look painful.

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You may be better off buying one. Shop rates at a few credit unions, you may be able to get 4 or under for 60. The Audi MF kills any leasing proposition.

If you don’t need a car now, you are better off ordering one from a broker. Check out the Marketplace for deals.

1000 bucks for an aging Q5 is an absolute madness. You think you’re getting the 7500 tax credit but with this MF you are giving it all back

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