2022 Audi e-tron (Chronos) - SoCal

Hi all,

Would love to get some input on a pre-owned 2022 Audi e-tron with Chronos package. Located in SoCa (specifically LA, but this particular quote/car is out of LA).

MSRP = $79,981
60 month finance at a 4.99% rate with $10k down is ~$1,500/mo.

I’m getting quoted a 3.99% acquisition loan from my local CU so will likely refi after purchase into something better.

Curious what discounts are like for e-trons - haven’t seen many deals on LH recently and the market for these is a bit wonky.

Anyone else with e-tron experience or negotiating MSRP on these guys?


This is a falling sword that i wouldnt want to own.

I liked my etron at $400/mo to lease, but no chance in hell would i ever consider paying $80k to purchase one with the other electric options on the market.


If you are dead set on the etron, I would wait until the Q8 etron Is released in 2023. Over 300 mile range and revamped designed.

I’m sure you can order one for MSRP once ordering opens up.

Paying MSRP then dealer add-ons for a used 2022 is a terrible idea especially as the used car market continues to plummet and the interest rates are high.

What about a iX? They are now being discounted.

AFS promo running 3.99% for 72mos.

What type of discounts are you seeing on the BMW IX?

$1,400 over MSRP on a USED e-tron!? You might be able to get a brand new Q4 e-tron for MSRP, maybe less if you can pull the trigger before new years.


I’ve seen discounts in the range of 4-6% here on an in stock iX… not sure how obtainable that is on the west coast, but there is definitely inventory especially when after the fed rebate was no longer available.

Thanks. I’ve seen 5% off by one broker, not sure how achievable that is. Most dealers around here are asking MSRP.

As a past owner of an E-Tron I loved that car but not at $1500/month. It’s an outdated EV architecture with many better EV options available. Just buy a used iX or an EQS.