2022 Audi A5 Sportback S Line $880 36/10

It physically pains me to post this, but given the current market, plus potential equity you may get for your car, I am okay with this lol…

MSRP: 52k
Payment: 850+tax
DAS: First Payment

Also, would like to mention that Audi is doing this thing on their MSRP where their omit certain items in order to produce units.

Overall ended up getting a grand off of MSRP roughly… Nothing crazy, but for an in stock unit im okay with it. (Would also mention that the same unit I got, 2 people arrived 25 min after me looking to buy it)

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Total cost of $30,600. did you consider just financing it?


I would’ve just financed it for that much…

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Did they tell you what your money factor was?

Audi base mf is trending up and up and up.

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Painful to read this lease as well. In just 4 years, car payments have had 100% inflation

You’re potentially leaving all the possible equity on the table. Look what Volvo and some others do. No way to get the equity without buying it out. By that time one has wasted (1) the acq fee, (2) the high rent charge, (3) any buyout fees, and (4) the potential to get a lower APR new car loan vs a higher APR used car loan. And (5) the time needed to get the title.

See if you can unwind this for a finance before it’s too late.


I highly doubt there is good potential for equity in this deal. What is the residual value?

Terrible terrible deal

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Amazing deal… for the dealer and AFS. Oh well, enjoy the sweet ride.

There are no deals right now unless you wait 8 months or want a frontier.

I just ended up got a car that doesn’t lease well. The rate wasn’t inflated, and I got a discount on an in stock unit. That’s all you can ask for in this current market.

Also, the purchase rate and lease rate were nearly the same, so I’m not overpaying in that aspect in the long run even if I were to buy it in the end

For the monthly personally id get a 4GC over the S5 sportback but that’s just me.

Those were my first thing I looked for but unfortunately there were none in stock in my area besides coupes which I wanted 4 doors.

The Audi I got came in the morning, and when I was test driving, 2 other people came in to buy it as well. Crazy times

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Yeah, with the model year changeover that’s also a hard car to get right now.

Good work getting an A5 at any discount though!

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