2021 Volvo XC90 AWD T6 Momentum Lease - Deal Check


Would love some expert thoughts on the following deal?

Discount breakdown
(60052) is the invoice price

  • $2000 lease bonus
  • $2052 below invoice
  • $1000 loyalty rebate (applied as $ down, because New Jersey taxes rebates)

I actually am putting down $7,000 in MSDs, but to quote salesperson after sending the screenshot “I just can’t put the $7k MSDs in this screen. I have adjusted residual for the MSDs”.

Thank you!

Residual doesn’t change with MSDs.

What is buy rate MF? What does Edmunds say for rv and incentives?

Have you filled out the calculator to see where things should fall?

Edmunds gave me .00158 MF and 61% residual. $2000 lease bonus

Yeh I’ve used the calculator. I guess the fact that he’s not putting MSDs into his screenshot is throwing me off a bit on how to best calculate.

Other questions regarding the calculator:

  • I’m putting in the selling price as $58000, which is 8.1% off MSRP
  • Then +$2,000 in taxed incentives
  • $1,000 rebate at the very bottom

Does this look about right?


The $1000 rebate isn’t a post sale rebate. It’s a taxed incentive. The $2000 is a direct to dealer incentive so it’d go in as an untaxed incentive.

He’s showing a .00105 MF on his sheet, which would account for the .0005 MF reduction from max MSDs. Just input the .00158 MF into the calculator and then select 10 MSDs to reflect what you’re doing.

He is showing a 60% RV rather than 61%. I’m guessing he’s quoting you for a 10k mile deal and edmunds gave you the RV for a 12k mile deal.

Maybe showing for 2020. It’s 60%/10K

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Yeh, I actually asked the same question in the 2020 and 2021 XC90 threads on Edmunds. The 2020 was 60% and 2021 was 61%.

So with that in mind, should I go back and ask him to get the residual up to 61%?

As things stand, I’m getting a dealer discount of ~8% off MSRP… should I push for a bigger discount here?

Thanks again.

Definitely have them correct the RV. You can try for more discount, I guess.