2021 Volvo S60 Lease offer

MA resident. I will be turning in an S90 so I qualify for the extra rebate

How does this look to you?

2021 S60 Inscription:

MSRP $51,675
L.E.V.% 55%
Annual miles: 7,500
Lease-end Value: $28,421.25
Initial Cap Cost: $47,302
Rebate: $5,500
Acquisition Fee: $1,444
Registration Fee: $135
DOC and Title Fee: $35
Adjusted Cap Cost: $43,246
Money Factor Sell Rate: 0.00040
Base Monthly Rental: $440.47
Tax: $27.53 (6.25%)
Total Payment: $468.00
Due at signing: $638.00

The terms I used here are the terms used on the written offer they gave me. This offer is from the same dealership I leased my S90 from.


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Acquisition Fee is $995. Probably includes $450 dealer fee? ~8.5% off is OK, I guess, but not great.
Verify the MF on Edmunds.

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The sum is probably correct, but they’ve thrown their presumably ~$500 doc fee into the ACQ line to hide it.

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Thank you for your replies - still trying to validate the MF.

Have you asked on Edmunds forums?

As I was told recently go to “edmunds volvo lease” .there is a thread for the S60. You can ask your specific zip code to get a money factor.

you appear to be mixing loyalty and lease cash in your numbers. If this is mass expect ~500 doc fee. I would push for 2% more off the vehicle. these are not leasing so nice lately. I looked at an S60 T8 and pricing was close to this. Also, 7500 miles isnt saving you much may want to go 10K …

Not the greatest for a 2021 S60. Maybe look into any remaining 2020 S60s.

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T8 Recharge has $6,750 cash with almost the same sticker. May be a better deal. And $2k loyalty is also nice.

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What are the chances a T8 Recharge goes below sticker without A-plan?

Are you asking or ‘hypothetically speaking?’

Just asking, as the more recent T8 deals have not had much discount on them. Maybe just the Polestar ones are going for sticker.

If I were hypothetically speaking, it would only be if my S60 buyout was remotely close to the payoff amount :laughing:

Scoring a deal past invoice is possible.

Side note: happy account cake day to the Slav swedespeed bear himself @Ursus

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Got the MF from Edmunds and it’s correct in the offer - .00040.

It’s important to keep in mind that pricing on a polestar and pricing on a regular t8 are in no way comparable.


@nyclife had a great deal on it in December (I think), so yeah.

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