2021 Volkswagen Cross Sport 2.0 T SE Technology AWD

Hi Hackers.
I was just offered this deal on an Atlas Cross Sport 2.0 T SE Tech AWD in New Jersey. It seems insanely high. Any thoughts on this? It makes no sense to me especially since my State of NJ employee discount is supposed to be car sold at dealer cost. I haven’t responded to them but maybe given the current shortage of vehicles they are price gauging. Also, not sure if the money factor is inflated. I was trying to find this info on Edmunds.

MSRP $42,458
Selling Price $41,958 (including State of NJ employee discount $500)
OTD $45,969.62
Money Factor 0.00054
Residual $23,776.48
36 months 12k per year $0 down @ $654.13

Most cars do not lease well. This is truer now than it has ever been. Which means you cannot start your search with a particular car or cars in mind, and then find a way to make them lease well.

It will be like pushing a boulder uphill while pulling teeth, and you’ll still probably have a bad deal in the end. You need to start your search by filtering only the vehicles that are leasing well right now and offer good value per dollar.

Check out the “Share a Deal” and “Marketplace” sections of LH forums to decide what’s leasing well and pick a vehicle that is already proven to offer good value.

Remember, there are no magic wands that can save a deal from poor programs (RV, MF, and incentives) and/or poor discounts.

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Man, this month’s programs are just awful on the Atlas CS. I was far cheaper on a SEL 2.0T 4Motion back in May. Would’ve been around 475 with zero down. 39/10

You’re absolutely right. I’ve tried numerous dealerships for the VW and no good offers. Just as you said it’s time to search for the deals. I’m sure these dealerships are just waiting for the next customer to pay MSRP. I can’t justify that. Well my search continues. Thanks for advice and information. It’s appreciated

You got that right. The CS deals are terrible. That $475. $0 down sounds like a steal. I guess I won’t be seeing that. The one they priced out for be was an SE so it was an awful deal. I really don’t know what to do because the market sucks. My lease ends Sept 28th. Coming out of a BMW X2… maybe Audi or Volco possibly stay with BMW. There aren’t many good programs and I’m wondering if holding out until September will be any different.
Btw. Are you a broker ? Or did you snag that VW deal for yourself? Just curious because I’m probably going to need a broker.

All the brokers have a tag under their username that identifies them as such like mine says Trusted Hackr.

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It seems insanely high for an Atlas.

I have not seen a single Atlas lease come through that didn’t look like a crime scene. Do you have a 2nd choice?

Ok, gotcha I see that now. Thanks.

Agreed. I’ve gotten numbers from 2 VW dealerships. Both are in the $500 range. It’s crazy. One is selling at MSRP no discount. I asked why and I was ghosted . The other dealership is taking $500 off. Wow lol.

Well my BMW X2 lease is ending Sept 28. I’m thinking possibly stick with BMW but Audi and Volvo are on my list also. It’s a very confusing time. Who knows if the programs will be better in September.

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I’m wondering if anyone had any suggestions on a broker that deals with VW ? Any ideas?
I saw a few DREAM was one of them and also 123buyacar… I think that’s what it was. Any others that are good in the North East market?


Have you checked the leasehackr marketplace for brokers? They’re all there.

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Those were the only two brokers that seem to be working with VW . I will check again. I wasn’t sure if anyone had any favorable experiences with either. I’ll check marketplace. Thanks

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