2021 Toyota Venza XLE


I received the following quote for a 2021 Toyota Venza XLE-

MSRP- $38,129
Selling- $37,519
Residual- $22,931
MF .00125
Monthly payment between $635-$650
This is with zero down. $358.50 govt fee and $399 processing fee.

This is a deal in the Midwest (Wisconsin). Appreciate thoughts and comments for anything I can do better at.

Have you put together a lease calculator to see if that actually adds up based on the inputs you think they’re using?

Simple math says it’s awful, $37,519/60=$625

Thanks for the info. I plan to go back to dealer. My original calculation came to around $530 on LH calculator so I must be missing something.

Message me I can get you better pricing but need to pick up or ship from Philly


You realize you can own all the equity in the car by financing the same payment over the course of or in less than 2 of these leases, right?

Take a guess as to what a 5-6 yr old Venza will be worth and then ask yourself if you’re ok throwing that away.


Good morning, I confirmed via Edmunds forum last week that the residual for 2021 Venza XLE is 65%. Dealer just came back to me indicating residual is 57%. Any thoughts as to the difference between the two? I don’t believe these are negotiable. Thanks for your help.

They’re probably not using TFS. Gotta find out what bank they’re using.

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Thank you. I will follow-up and ask what bank they are using.

you can get into a highlander for probably about the same price through a broker on here.

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What are people’s thoughts on MSD’s? Obviously better than down payment on lease. Currently looking into options on 2021 Venza lease and using MSD’s to lower MF. Any thoughts much appreciated.

I think USBank

TFS is what…. .00008 reduction in MF per MSD? I’d definitely do the max.

It is .00015 reduction per msd up to max of 8. $2,800 in msd is $485 payment which includes all taxes and fees.

That’s awesome, go for it.

I think you are right. 0.00008 Reduction in MF

Here is the deal presented to me: 2021 Toyota Venza XLE
MSRP: $38,219
Selling Price: $37,519
Residual: 59%
MF: .00125 reduced to .00005 after 8 MSDs totaling $2,800
5.1% sales tax
36 month/12k lease
Govt Fees: $269 (Title, plates, DMV)
Dealer Fee: $399
Acquisition Fee: $650
Monthly Payment of $480 with Leasehacker score of 7 years.

Is there anything I can try and negotiate to get better deal or is this pretty good? Thanks again for feedback.

The MSDs are definitely a good call.

The deal is not too bad for this market and I can imagine some will jump on it. That being said, try taking this quote and shop around dealers. Not sure how it’s like in WI, but the doc fee for this dealer seems a bit high at $399.

While you’re shopping around dealers (even those further away from you with inventory), see if you can get any to match or beat the selling price.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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