2021 Toyota Tacoma Deal Check Please

Alright yall! Attempting my first lease deal this weekend. I did obtain the MF and RV from edmunds. For the 2021 Tacoma SR the MF is .00208 and the RV is 83% and for the SR5 same MF but 79% RV. Terms will be 36/39 and 10K miles

The MF seems high @4.99 especially when I am Tier 1. So is that MF negotiable or is that set in stone?

Also how do i approach the negotiation? I know I need to work on getting the sales price down but not all incentives apply to lease. I do know there is a $1000 incentive for lease deals so do I just say lets talk about the sale price with no discounts? Can you do better etc etc knowing that I will get an extra $1K off?

If you got those figures from edmunds, that is the base MF. Dealers can mark up from the base MF, but can’t go lower. So, in short, yes, that’s the lowest it’s going to get.

High MFs are not uncommon when vehicles have such high residual values. This is the bank’s way of taking advantage of the situation to make more money on financing.

Everyone has their own opinion and strategy, but I would never ever go negotiate pricing in person at a dealership. You won’t win, but they’ll sure make you feel like you do.

24 month term may be a better deal. Check previous deals for what discounts were achieved and use that as a starting point. Work your deal over email.

This is the best deal I was able to secure. I think its a good deal seeing how final sales price is $30,997 after $1K rebate.

2021 Toyota Tacoma SR V6 4x4 Double Cab 5ft bed

MSRP: $34716
Negotiated Price is 31,997 less $1000 rebate
Months: 39
Annual Mileage: 10K
MF: .002080
Residual: 83%

Monthly Payment is $244

Ask for MSD’s

We did look at that doing 9 but I didnt want to come out of pocket too much and it only dropped payment to like $200.

Other than MSDS is it good deal?

Do the math and you’ll find MSD are a good deal.

Also, you don’t have to do the max amount of msd allowable, you can do a lower amount that fits your current liquidity.

This is what I’d shoot for, that dealer fee hurts quite a bit. So this is 10% off and no dealer fee. Max MSD’s save $47/mo, that’s a no brainier. Save $1800 over the term.

Or better yet, a one pay $5393

As this is a Toyota also look into a cheaper GAP insurance (Don’t pay for Toyotas) because Toyotas don’t come with Gap.

I’m shopping around for the same truck. Super interested in where the OP landed on this deal and the region the dealer is located in.


This was in the Nashville area. The SR have best leases right now. Anything over 5% discount off MSRP and no doc fee will be a good deal

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Same as last year, SR double cab 4x4 has the highest residual and lowest MSRP, win win.

Unfortunately TFS programs are regional and the west can’t get anywhere close to this.

Otherwise I’d already have a Tacoma in my driveway.

What’s the advertised deal in your area? Sometimes the problem is that your region doesn’t get the cheapo SR 4x4

As far as I can tell, there is no advertised Tacoma deal in whatever region Los Angeles is in.

Las Vegas/Nevada is a different region (from Los Angeles) and has a decent ad for a 39mo lease.

Texas and the northeast have the insane 24mo deals.

I was willing to fly to El Paso and lease a Tacoma and drive back to LA, but only 2 Toyota dealers there- one won’t lease to out of state resident, the other will but their communication is awful and they haven’t even quoted me yet.

Have you talked to @Cody_Carter?


Yep, I’ll most likely end up with one of his deals. They’re by far the best of what’s available locally.


Ally looks good this month too, probably under $200. The biggest problem with Cali is they don’t have the SR 4x4 double cab, so you end up with a higher MSRP and lower residual on the higher trim levels

From Toyotas 8-K filing how about AZ for you?

Az same deals as Vegas. Better than LA, but they can’t touch those Texas and northeast 2 year leases we’re seeing here.