2021 Toyota Highlander XSE

Title: Be as specific as possible in the title if you are posting a deal – include car model, monthly payment, and money down.
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Ok, got the calculator to within $200 of total lease cost. Not sure where discrepancy is, maybe in tax rate? You said you’re in NYC, tax should be 8.875%.

Anyway, this is what your deal looks like. At 4.8%, pre-incentive discount seems weak, even for 2021. Sky-high money factor doesn’t help. But what’s done is done, you signed, enjoy the car in good health. Just next time, come ask here before the deal, not after.

Could you please update your post above to include the info from calculator?
Selling price:
Incentives: 1000
Money Factor:
Total drive-off:
Monthly payment:

This will help people researching similar vehicles.

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Yea you win some you lose some. I live and learn I been to other states like GA and Florida and gotten great deals I though since it’s NY. It’s hard to get 0 down at 350.

Also does the money factor change by dealer and location or is it standard I see. Changes from place to place.

Leasing company sets base money factor based on your credit rating. Dealers are allowed to mark up that base MF for extra profit for some makes, for some they are not allowed. In your case you got base rate, which wasn’t marked up.

Good to know thanks for the help. Really appreciate it. I saw some brokers here and got there info to give to friends and family and know about the lease deals.