2021 Toyota Camry SE - $310 - Zero Down

I’m not even sure this will be considered a “deal”…in years past, I certainly wouldn’t consider it as such. Sharing because this forum has been so valuable to me over the last few years.
2021 Camry SE, MSRP $28k
$310 per month. Zero Down. No trade
Located in Charlotte.

Look, the market is insane. I searched and searched for two weeks after my Tesla was delayed beyond the point where I could wait for it. I wasn’t really picky about what I needed. This deal would be unattainable on every other car that I looked at…Honda/VW/Toyota SUV’s and trucks were all at or over sticker…As I’m sure y’all know.

Anyways…Sharing the deal because this group is fantastic and I know WE WILL RISE AGAIN! lol


:+1: good job. Glad you found a deal you are happy with

Don’t beat yourself up. You got the deal you could given current market conditions. You did well. 1 data point for you to compare your deal to: @Bostoncarconcierge has a few AWD Camrys listed for $299 with $500 DAS plus broker fee (for New England Residents Only). You didn’t pay over sticker.



You got a fine deal especially for the market

The MsRP on mine are higher because they’re AWD but you got a nice deal on a good car

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What ouch? It’s average deal. In today’s market not a bad at all.

In this market, Charlotte especially where the dealers add on $2000 in BS Nitrogen/Wheel Locks/service packages to every vehicle its not a bad deal and honestly, I’ll just flip it in 6-12 months anyways. I never finish my leases.
Like I said in the post, I’ve been on this page for years, I know this isn’t the deal of the decade. I leased a $50k Stelvio for the same $300 per month back in 2018…This is not that market. Dealers in CLT have no inventory and are making up for it in over MSRP deals…I just needed something to hold me over. Only sharing for others in the same position in the Carolinas.


I know dude, yesterday I was quoted $930 for Jeep GC L Overland, 60K MSRP in Long Island NY

Thanks for sharing. It is a good deal considering the todays market.

Market aside it’s a good deal

This nets 36/10
500 das

Great deal in this market let alone past markets for a sign and drive. Camrys don’t usually lease amazing, I typically suggest my clients buy them

Any midsize sedans you do suggest leasing? Accord?


Do these AWD Camrys qualify for CT residents?

Sold out at the moment unfortunately

Last one was just delivered today

damn…sent you a pm as well…thanks

I know and I’m worried they may not come back at this pricing due to the production cuts this week

I’ll have to wait and see

Let me know what else you have please. PM is probably easier